• Plushie Compilation #81 - Applejack Appreciation Day!

    Happy AJ Appreciation Day guys! In celebration of everyone's favorite cowgirl we've got a bunch of plushies of the little orange pony.

    Check them all out after the break!

    Source 1
    Apple Bucking Time on the Farm

    Source 2
    AppleJack plushie,...(PLUSHIES ON EVERYPONY!)

    Source 3
    Applejack -2

    Source 4
    Applejack Brohoof Custom Apple Pillow

    Source 5
    Applejack Plushie

    Source 6
    Applejack 3

    Source 7
    Applejack With Hat

    Source 8
    Apple Jack Plushie -for sale-

    Source 9
    Applejack is best pony!

    Source 10
    Applejack Plush

    Source 11
    Applejack Plush Gift Exchange 2012

    Source 12
    Applejack and Winona

    Source 13
    My Little Pony Applejack Plush

    Source 14
    Applejack plushie

    Source 15
    Baby Applejack Plushie

    Source 16
    AJ Plushie

    Source 17
    Apples for apples

    Source 18
    I can eat all them apples

    Source 19
    Applejack filly

    Source 20
    AppleJack Amigurumi (better quality)

    Source 21
    Happy Day Applejack!