• Final Images of Applebloom and Photo Finish Collector Sets

    Uh oh, someone threw a wrench in all of our plans.  It looks like Applejack has invaded two sets! Suddenly the world has become way more complicated! What once was a "mane 6 + 2 others" six part series has suddenly turned into a mane "6 + 2 others" and however many they want series.  I can't really complain, since I'm a sucker for molded poinies, but I'd prefer not to have five Applejacks by the end of this!

    These are the final images for  the upcoming (and now half named named) "Cutie Marks Set" and.... "whatever ends with pus friends" set.   Toywiz had the Zecora set listed a for a September release, so we should see them hit stores soon. 

    I wonder who will be bundled with who next? They seem to be saving a Fluttershy group for last, so hopefully this means they are giving her a non-Rainbowdash model finally!

    Thanks to Karoliina for the heads up, and find the Taobao sales page here.

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