• Custom Compilation #84

    I've got to say, I'm really proud of you custom crafters out there! Over the months you all have stepped up to the plate and delivered such amazing things. I would never have thought to see a Pinkamena made out of stone popup months ago! Keep up the great work you guys!

    Ready for some more amazing customs? Check them out after the break!

    Source 1
    Pinkamena in Alabaster Stone

    Source 2
    Derpy Hooves Blind Bag Custom

    Source 3
    Custom Princess Luna Blind Bag Miniature

    Source 4
    Luna's Royal Guard (level views)

    Source 5
    Princess Luna

    Source 6
    MLP: FiM: 'Flutterdash' custom blindbag clock!

    Source 7
    Queen of the Changlings - Final

    Source 8
    Changeling Custom

    Source 9
    Blind Bag Custom: Solar Guard

    Source 10
    Blind Bag Custom: Luna Guard

    Source 11
    Rarity's Fashions are all the Rage.

    Source 12

    Source 13
    Twilight With Socks

    Source 14
    Daring Do

    Source 15
    Precious Antique

    Source 16

    Source 17

    Source 18
    Custom Vinyl Scratch

    Source 19
    Muffin Scarf'd Derpy

    Source 20
    Custom Spa Ponies!

    Source 21
    Nightmare Night Pinkie Pie

    Source 22
    My little Pony FIM DJ Pon3 Custom Vinyl Scratch

    Source 23
    My little Pony FIM Rainbow Dash Armor Custom

    Source 24
    My little Pony FIM Big Macintosh Custom

    Source 25
    Rainbow Dash Woodwork: Sky Diving

    Source 26
    Discord Statue

    Source 27
    Luna 4

    Source 28
    Derpy Hooves Custom 3

    Source 29
    Sitting Lyra Sculpt

    Source 30
    Sleeping Rainbow Dash

    Source 31
    Applejack/RainbowDash - Custom G4 My Little Ponies

    Source 32
    Zecora Sculpture Final

    Source 33
    future twilight felt case

    Source 34
    Daring Re-Do

    Source 35
    Twilight Quackle and FlutterDuck with Luna 4 SALE

    Source 36 - Lauren
    Elements of Harmony

    Source 37
    Flitter Custom

    Source 38
    Diamond Tiara Custom

    Source 39
    Spitfire Custom

    Source 40

    Source 41
    Blind-Bag Wonderbolts Dash.

    Source 42

    Source 43
    uhm.. drop the ..what?

    Source 44
    Super Sailor Mercury