• New Blindbag Set and Movable Ponies on Taobao

    More new toy sets have popped up over on Taobao.  There isn't anything too groundbreaking, but we do see a confirmation that the movable parts ponies are actually legit.  Have some information courtesy of Whatshisgame:
    • Pinkie Pie & Friends Mini Collection: Walmart-exclusive. As people were suspecting, those 8 mini-figures floating around online that didn’t seem to fit into either the announced sixth wave of blind bags (the ones with dark blue/purple packaging) or the likely seventh wave of blind bags (the partly-translucent ponies) are indeed part of another collection separate from the blind bags. These 8 new ponies are all G4 versions of G3 ponies, so if their names carry over, then the 12 ponies in this collection are Applejack, Dainty Daisy, Kiwi Tart, Peri Winkle, Pick-a-Lilly, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Swirl, Rarity, Seascape, Star Dasher, and Waterfire
    • Crystal Motion Applejack: Part of the Crystal Empire line. The finished versions of those three motion ponies we’ve seen prototypes of have been floating around online, and now we finally get to see one finished and packaged, this one with a translucent purple Winona recolor. This is most likely the deluxe crystal Applejack that ToyWiz has for pre-order; ToyWiz and BigBadToyStore have deluxe crystal Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle for pre-order as well, and BigBadToyStore also has all three for pre-order together
    I think my blindbag box might overflow if I grab any more!