• Nightly Roundup #449

    Spending a day with ponies would be fun enough as it is, but can you imagine spending a whole day with them at an amusement park? I can only say that it certainly be the thrill of a lifetime!

    News time guys! How off the presses! Also, I'll be taking requests for the header again this week so throw them down in the comments and I'll tally up the winner for tomorrow night.

    ATG Wrapup!

    Our friends over at the Alumni Group have completed another weekly challenge! Check below for the gallery and this week's theme!

    Heya, everypony!  Over here at the ATG Alumni group, we've been drawing up a storm, as usual.  This week, we were looking for those dolla dolla bits, y'all.  We've got the images handily gathered together over at our wrap-up blog here: http://mlp-atg-alumni.blogspot.com/2012/09/week-65-wrap-up.html  And, as always, our main dA page can be found here: mlp-atg-alumni.deviantart.com, with a new theme (or more!) posted each week.  If you loved the NATG, but think you've only got time to do a weekly theme, we're the place to be!  Come on and join us!

    Ponies Appear With Gangnam Style... Again

    Ponies are becoming pretty inseparable from Gangnam Style at this point it seems. In this interesting article by a Malaysian newspaper, a pony image made by artist Poppeto was used without permission despite the article having nothing to do with MLP. Either we have a really strange coincidence as some news editor tried to find a Gangam Style themed pic on Google or we have a Malaysian pony fan working for mass media. You decide! 

    Ponies Appears at French Fast Food Locations!

    Looks like French Quick locations will be getting pony toys soon! While they don't have any official pictures on what will be offered there is speculation that it might be the remodeled sets released in the US awhile back. Looks like you can expect on October 17th so keep your eyes peeled!


    Can't Have a Roundup Without a Snack!

    WTVY Reports on Seeds of Kindness

    Ponies are appearing everywhere on local news stations tonight it seems! Another news program out of WTVY recently had a report on the Seeds of Kindness project and how they raised thousands of dollars for a Ugandan village. It's quite nice to see all this positive media around the fans and the fandom! Check it out at the link below.

    WTVY Report

    East Tennessee State University Paper and Ponies

    A small article in the East Tennessee State University newspaper talks about the addiction of My Little Pony. Guess they could have asked any of us blog authors about that or any one of you about the addiction that is pony! Check out the article below.

    Online Article

    Have Some Music!

    Las Pegasus Unicon Contest

    This convention in Las Vegas is really starting to heat up it seems! Tonight we've got a contest that has been sent to us where you can win some wonderful prizes for the event. Take a look at the details below.

    Copy Paste:

    The fantastic upcoming convention Unicon (http://laspegasusunicon.com/index.html) and MLPchan.net are proud to present a contest for 1 of 2 free passes to the event. A special package including (1) Full Weekend Entry, (1) Skip to the head of the line pass for 2 panels of choice, and (1) Set of SWAG including a Limited Edition Unicon Button, Hat & Tshirt, as well as a 1 day Saturday Pass, will be given away as a 1st and 2nd prize. Details and entry can be found here: http://mlpchan.net/oat/res/139399.html

    Las Pegasus Unicon is a Brony convention that will be doing it in true Vegas fashion..."OVER THE TOP", and will feature some of the biggest stars in MLP - Tara Strong, John Delancie, Daniel Ingram and more!
    MLPchan.net is a pony imageboard and fansite designed to be as inclusive as possible, featuring user-friendly rules and environments and focused on fun, entertainment and socializing with fellow fans.

    Pony Easter Egg in Offensive Warfare

    Yep, that is certainly a pony in this game called Offensive Warfare. Pony pops up in the weirdest places, I swear.


    Let's Play of Welcome to Ponyville - Part 1

    Pegasisters Live - Episode 4

    Copy Paste:

    The girls at Pegasisters Live this week interview the lovely and beautiful Rina-Chan!

    Click below to check out the interview!


    Successful Meetups

    Paris Meetup

    Meetup Video
    Gangnam Style Flashmob Video
    Manchester Mini Meet

    Washington DC Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The DC Bronies had their biggest meetup ever with 100 people attending.  We showcased tons of the amazing local talent in the group - artists, podcasters, musicians, fanfic writers.  Of course we had our sing-along, this time to Forest Rain's newest song "Great To Be Different".  We watched Hurricane Fluttershy, had lots of amazingly tasty treats made by our resident bakers and held a bunch of fund-raising events for a super secret project that I can't talk about yet under threat of being sent to the moon (but stay tuned...).  Between the meetup at the library, hanging out until it rained in the park and splitting up for dinner at several places that asked "You have HOW MANY?" it was almost an entire day of friendship and fun!  And even that was too short!  If you're in the MD/DC/VA area, come and join us next month, or even next week!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Illinois Meetup Looking for More

    Copy Paste:

    Hey, everypony! We'll be meeting at the Einstein Bagels on West Jackson Ave. in downtown Naperville, then move to the 9/11 memorial on the north side of the Naperville city hall after lunch and hang out there until everyone has to go home.  Hope you see you there!

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