• Nightly Roundup #423

    It was rather close, but it looks like Braeburn wins header tonight! Poor guy is a little under appreciated, but at least Apple Bloom seems to appreciate him just fine!

    Time for news guys! Check it out after the break and also make sure to suggest tomorrow's header!

    Lauren Faust Offers jetBlue OC Names!

    This jetBlue thing keeps getting more and more interesting! Apparently Lauren Faust caught wind of the jetBlue OC naming community event and has chipped in her two cents as to what she think the pony should be named!

    Pinkie Quest at Cos & Effect 2012

    Needs to be seen to be believed. Check it out!

    Brony License Plate

    Mmm, potatoes...

    Can't Have a Roundup Without Cake!

    New Ponymon Game in Development!

    Yet another pony video game project has cropped up! A team of French bronies are currently working on a Ponymon style game from scratch using RPG Maker. They are currently looking for some help and have more details on their website!

    Website Link

    The Part of the Night Where Calpain Gets a Song Stuck in Your Head

    Claymation is always amazing to see. Check this one out for sure!

    Pony Article Wins CSIRO Award

    A 15 year old brony from Australia recently submitted an article to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation discussing the misconceptions of time travel people may gain from time travel movies and TV shows. Of course he submitted his paper on ponies! Suprisingly, he also won the prize for his age group! Check out the little blurb in the image below.

    Click Me!


    Voice of Equestria - Episode 16

    Copy Paste:

    Sorry for the month-long gap, folks.  A number of small issues hatched a conspiracy to keep us from all being available to record at the same time until now.  But we're here now, with some news, a bit of speculation on what will come after Season 3, and the most questions and comments we've yet had in one episode.  So come check it out!

    FOB Equestria Interviews LaserPon3, a plush maker, and Laurent Malaquais

    Copy Paste:
    I figured some of you might be interested in the interviews we conducted at BUCK last weekend. Had a nice chat with both Laurent Malaquais and LaserPon3, as well as a plushie maker. These are (edited and somewhat paraphrased) transcriptions from the interviews which were recorded with audio only. The audio recordings will be a part of our next few weekly podcasts. 

    Everything Brony - Episode 13

    Episode Link


    Successful Meetups

    AbbotsHerd's 1 Year Anniversary

    Copy Paste:

    he Abbotsford, BC's pony group just had its 1-year anniversary meetup. A delicious cake was made for the occasion (it was chocolate, with chocolate and some more chocolate). We managed to get in a game of werewolf, before we all went to the mall to S.Q.U.A.T. team and spy-crab around. Happy 1-year everyone!


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