• Discussion: Your Non-Pony Loving Friend Gives You One Shot...

    It's no secret that Friendship is Magic has a gigantic galaxy sized hurdle in place that turns people off just on the "My Little Pony" alone.  We all probably have at least a few friends that absolutely refuse to give the show a shot. 

    I'm actually going to drop a real life example that literally happened just the other day.  While playing Guild Wars 2 with one of my old internet buddies from my WoW/EQ days, I had the opportunity to show off some pony after months of absolute refusal.  His stance is what most people that have never seen it share - it's a cartoon for pre-teen girls about colorful horses who's greatest fear in life is getting their mane cut and chasing butterflies.  What better way to dispel that than Lesson Zero, right? Clearly sonic rainbow nukes and Fluttershy going Jackie Chan on a grizzly bear would completely obliterate those perceptions!  I had only a few minutes, so in a rush, I grabbed the nearest video with said nukes and tossed it his way.... without watching the end.  Needless to say after a few minutes of laughing, it went the complete opposite direction. 

    So here is the discussion post for all of you!  Your friend who has never even glanced at the show has given you the same opportunity to show him/her what it's got.  What do you toss their way?

    And as a bonus: What specifically converted you? I know a bunch of people ended up giving it a shot after running into a PMV.  

    Toss your stuff in the comments below!