• Vocal Musician Spotlight: M_Pallante

    So last night I was digging through the music folder as always, sorting things for review and prepping posts for the next day, when I ran into an email filled with four separate tracks.  Now usually, when I get an email filled with four separate tracks, it was someone bored one afternoon busting out songs on his ipad and putting Vinyl Scratch on top.

    Not this time though!

    M_Pallante came out of nowhere with four really well done vocal tracks, each dedicated to a different pony.  It looks like we have a new kid on the block!

    We have two fast rock style songs with Rainbow Dash and Nightmare Moon, a sad Pinkie Pie piano piece, and a completely unique low-key Fluttershy song. I'd recommend starting with Dash, Checking out Pinkie Pie, then ending the initial trio with the Nightmare Moon. Fluttershy is a bonus if you need a break! She's a bit hard to hear.

    I think the best thing to compare all of these too (As pointed out by one of the EQD music reviewers) would be 80's rock, though they vary between sections. 

    Anyway, check all of them out after the break, or just hit his channel up here

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