• Traveling Pony Museum Update + Charity Press Release

    Customs, Plushies, Charity! It's time for a Traveling Pony Museum update.  It looks like a whole bunch of stuff is going down in the upcoming conventions.  Full release after the break! 

    Dear brony artists, art fans, and the community at large:

    Recently, a group calling itself the ‘Traveling Pony Gallery’ has made itself known, and has begun contacting a number of artists within the community. This has created a large amount of confusion. Please note that the ‘Traveling Pony Gallery’ IS NOT associated with the ‘Traveling Pony Museum’. It is a completely separate effort, neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with, the Museum.

    While the TPM bears the TPG no ill will, we do wish to make it publicly known that this new group is NOT affiliated with us. We are opening a discussion with them about changing their name, which we believe is the primary source of confusion.

    The Traveling Pony Museum, founded in January, is the premiere traveling exhibition of pony artwork. It has appeared at I-CON, multiple Bronies-NYC meetups, and will be making its brony convention debut at BronyCon this coming weekend. After BronyCon, the TPM plans on attending TrotCon, Canterlot Gardens, and Everfree NW, as well as at Bronies-Boston and Bronies-DC meetups. All types of artwork and plushies are still being accepted for the listed conventions.

    The museum’s goal is to provide exposure and promotion to the many wonderful artists within our community. We currently have over 60 artists on board and growing. Our collection includes the famous ‘Monster Pie’ life-sized Pinkie Pie plush, the hoof-painted replica of Twilight Sparkle’s book from Episode 1, artwork by John Joseco, Egophiliac, PixelKitties, Tsitra360, and a Fausticorn plush created by WhiteDove Creations. For more information, visit our website at http://www.TravelingPonyMuseum.com or email TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com.

    After organizing a 24-hour charity marathon which resulted in a generous contribution of $5,000 to Maddy Peters’s charity, ‘Inked! Art for Africa’, we now will be raising money at conventions through merch sales to help out Kiki, a young girl suffering from a brain tumor. We’d like to thank all artists who are helping participate in this effort through poster sales.

    Again, we’d like to extend our hooves to all artists big and small in this community. We hope to see you all at BronyCon, along with all the other fine conventions we’ll be attending this summer and beyond.


    The Traveling Pony Museum Team