• Nightly Roundup #359

    We have never had a Philomena roundup, so lets do it for once!

    And the new EQD Celebration banner from Maddermike on Deviant Art! It's surprisingly accurate... I wonder if hes sneaking into our Skype chats.

    Who's That Pony?


    Chalk CMC!

    Can't stop the CMC!

    Cteno Tattoo

    So many pony tattoos lately. I wonder how many we are up to now?

    Becoming Popular played by Concert Band

    Bout time pony music invades schools! Get on it people!

    Equestrian Jeopardy

    Looks like they set up some ponified jeopardy! Check out the video of it here and submit questions to AJTexasRanger@gmail.com.


    Wastelanders Weekly Episode 3!

    Now with special guest Dr. Dissonance

    Check it here!

    The Lightning Round Episode 4

    Check it out here!

    The Ultra Wave Bronycon Call In Special LIVE TONIGHT!

    Yes that's right everypony The Ultra Wave Bronycon Call In Special Show is going to be up live and kicking tonight at 7PM UK Time, 2PM Eastern Time & 11AM Pacific Time, where of course we shall be talking about everything to do with those awesome Ponies on the Ultra Wave Livestream Channel.

    Are you also planning on going to Bronycon as well, and do you want to discuss anything about MLP or the convention live on the show, then just add the Ultra Wave Skype Account (ultrawaverequestshow) to your contacts list and you could be live on the show talking about anything and everything to do with Ponies and of course the one and only Bronycon.

    I hope you all have a really great day today and I also hope to see you all tonight for the Bronycon Call In Special.

    Ultra Wave Livestream Channel:


    Successful Meetups

    Northern California Meetup

    With the end of season 2, we decided to fill our animation needs with Pixar's new offering:Brave

    We decided that the only way to see it is where it was created: Emeryville, home of Pixar Studios. We took our picture in front of the studio before it became dark, and proceeded to the only real theater in Emeryville. Sometimes, if you get lucky, Pixar employees show up to the first Friday and Saturday screenings in that theater. I'm almost positive there were some in our showing.

    We had one of our members put his Twilight plushie on at the beginning of the line, and had some random bronies and movie goers pet her. We all had a good time at the mall and the movie.

    Another fun meetup!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    South Australia Meetup


    Hay guys, it's meet-up time again! On the 7th of July we'll be having another meet-up in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens (starting 11:00am) with the usual fare - bring some food if you want and we'll socialise for a while and maybe have another auction if people have pony stuff they want to sell. After that we can go up to Rundle Mall for lunch and buying ponies/whatever other stuff people want and then once we've finished raiding the toy stores, we'll come back to the gardens with our loot for more discussion like normal. It'll be a fun time for all and a great chance to see friends again and make some more! If it is raining on the day, (which is possible, considering it will be in the middle of Winter) then we shall meet at the Myer Centre Food court in Rundle Mall instead

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/163057533827274

    Bronies Australia Event Page: http://www.broniesaustralia.com/showthread.php?tid=1697

    Tales of Equestria

    ToE is a free MLP Roleplaying Community. What does free mean, you ask? Well, here’s the answer:
    - You’re free to do whatever RP you want.
    - No unnecessary restrictions
    - Even if the staff has to interfere, the goal is to find a solution everypony can live (and have fun) with.

    We want to provide a playground for everypony’s creativity where you don’t have to fear unreasonable consequences for accidently crossing the rules. To reduce them to their core: Just don’t be a jackass.

    To enable a safe and clean environment for different desires, ToE is split into three RP-Areas:
    - Wild Wild Equestria/WWE: No application, no character restrictions, you can do what you want, as long as it stays within PG-13.
    - Enter Equestria/EE: “Near” canon for those who want to play in the Equestria we all know and love. Player characters require application to make sure they fit in. Cast Characters will go through the first application round soon.
    - Adult Section: You need more than PG-13? Alright, here you can do literally everything. Like WWE, but access requires proof of age, no children allowed. And please, clean up the mess after you’re done.

    Check it out here!

    WoW Guild

    Realm: US - Deathwing (PvP)
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Name: Maximum Brohoof

    To join, /who Maximum Brohoof and ask any member above level 30

    We are a level 10 guild looking for more bronies to fill the stables. As Mists of Pandaria edges ever closer, we hope to build a friendly group where members can chill, discuss ponies, raid, pvp, discuss ponies, run challenge mode dungeons, collect sweet loot, discuss ponies, help people out, bump hooves, and let the good times roll.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Random pony stuff!
    Fluttershy Plushie