• San Diego Comic Con - 8 Bit Pony Game and More Details on Trolley

    Remember that commercial from a few months ago?  It is now a game, or soon to be.  People that visit The Golden Yolk during the Hub's comic-con takeover will recieve a code to go play it online! Have some snippet from the press release:
    Visitors to the Broken Yolk will also receive a secret code to gain exclusive access on Hubworld.com to the eagerly anticipated "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" themed, 8-bit "Adventure Pony" game already teased on the network.
    I can't believe they did it! The Hub is best network.

    And a bit more information on the trolley was also released:
    To transport fans to and from the convention in style, The Hub will transform one car of the San Diego Trolley system to create a magical "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" experience showcasing some of the series' most popular characters inside and out. The train will be styled as the Friendship Express train, which is featured in the popular animated series. 
    Maybe they will have a MMMystery to solve while in transit?!