• Nightly Roundup #362


    Rainbow Dash is Actually In Space, Like, for Real

    You guys. Rainbow Dash actually hitched a ride on a weather balloon all the way to space. This is amazing. My two great loves- space travel and ponies- finally merged into one.

    Now we just need ponies on mars.

    Ponies in Infinity Blade II

    Yeah, that really happened.

    Futurama-inspired Pony Cake




     Fanfiction Readings: Cosmic Afro's Equestrian Jeopardy and Twilight Sparkle Makes the Feature Box

    Successful Meetups


     No writeup for this one. Just a picture.
    Kansas City

    On 6/22/12 the Kansas City Bronies had another successful meetup. We had karaoke, art contests, watched videos and raided Wal-Mart for ponies! One guy even came 120 MILES just to hang out! We all also signed a card to give to Lauren Faust at BronyCon (which is cool, because we found out that the guy that came up with the card idea just won a meet and greet wih her! O.O)! Below is a video of us singing along to the karaoke mix of Smile. See you guys in September for a BIG meetup!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    I'm the guildmaster of an EU brony guild on the server Allemantheia in the game Tera online.

    We are looking for bronies of all ages and levels to join our community. 

    Guild name: <League of Harmony>
    Website: Currently none.
    Application methods: 
    - In-game guild application system
    - In-game mail.
    - In-game whisper.
    - Email me to [email protected]

    Guildmaster name/contact: Whimsey. Verna. Xavia.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Pinkie Pie Plush
    Spitfire themed PS2
    Twilight Sparkle Plush
    Pony Illustrations
    T-shirt Preorders

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