• Equestria Inquirer #44

    Yarr, that be a Derpy Matey, arggg.

    Equestria Inquirer has released another episode! Infos after the break with video, and PDF here!

    "We're playing the blame game in this week's issue of the Equestria Inquirer. LttMoose says that Spike is to blame for Shining Armor's new facial tattoo. Truthy says he's to blame for capturing a Changeling spy. TechRat says Pipsqueak and Featherweight are to blame for Mr Cake's horrible injuries (indirectly, anyway). And Joe says Derpy is to blame for....well, pretty much everything else. It's an entire issue of hilarious blaming, and if you miss it you'll have no one to blame but yourself. Oh, and be sure to check us out at Bronycon! We're hosting the EFR Livestream with live coverage from the convention floor. Tune in on Everfree Radio!" - TechRat