• Nightly Roundup #322

    Yep, Calpain's back with sleepy pony pictures as he does the Roundup yet again. That PK sure does break down a lot. I've really got to fix him...

    Anyhow, time for the news. Ready to join me?

    So You Think You're A Brony? Season 2 Episode 11

    How To Make Animated PMV's Tutorial

    Check this video out if you're new to the PMV scene! It gives advice how to lip sync, find models, and animate a PMV of your very own!

    Pony Chesss Board Completed!

    Our pony chess board friend has finished the actual board for his set! You can check out more pictures of it here.

    Princess Luna Wii

    A fan has recently decked out their Wii with some Princess Luna. Check it out below and the full gallery in the description here.

    Brony Speaks of MLP on the Radio

    Check out this clip below of a Brony speaking about MLP on a local radio station! Rock on man!


    New Episode of Brony Talk
    Copy Paste:

    Hey everypony, Graymane here announcing another episode of Brony Talk. This week we have DJ Nexus From 
    Fillydelphiaradio. Nexus is one of many DJ's on Fillydelphiaradio, a 24/7 Pony Music Radio, and is the Official DJ of Brony Talk. We are also going to be doing something different on the show. During the news you will be able to call in and share your thoughts with us and the rest of the viewers Live on the show. 
                 As always we will have our great and powerful Potato as my great and powerful CO-Host and a special guest screener Forest Rain. So be positive to join us at 8:00pm central time when we go LIVE, and don't forget after the interview you will be able to call in to Bronytalkshow on Skype and ask your own questions to DJ Nexus LIVE on the show.

    Your Host,

    Bro-Needs Episode 3
    Copy Paste:
    I have made my third installment of my podcast called Bro-Needs. I input some music, got a guest and it's awesome! Have a link below:


    Successful Meetups

    Teesside Park Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    Despite short notice ten bronies turned up at Teesside Retail Park near Middlesbrough and Stockton for a meetup involving pizza, improvised 'sea' ponies and tons of merch. Everyone had a great time, and we are hoping to see even more attendees at future meetups.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Leeds Meetup June 16th

    Copy Paste:

    Yorkshire Bronies are back with another UK meetup in Leeds! All information can be found in the poster, and you may follow us with the links below!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Rag Dolls
    Octavia Custom
    Lyra and BonBon Plushies