• Convention Compilation (May 18th)

    Filly NMM says cons are good.  Have some press releases from a few of the upcoming ones!

    (Galacon) 1st a Con, 2nd a Dessert, 3rd Floor Wax, 4th Press Note
    Brony Fan Fair 2012 Pre-Registration Now Open
    TrotCon Updates

    Full releases after the break!

    1st a Con, 2nd a Dessert, 3rd Floor Wax, 4th Press Note

    My dearest subjects,

    after a busy month we can announce that we only have 60 of the former 250 Grand Gala Tickets left. If they are sold out, you only have the chance to get one of the rare Upgrade-Tickets to get to the Gala Ball on Saturday. However if you are still uncertain, if you want to go to the Galacon or not, but being afraid that there are no more tickets left, when you decided to go, we can give you a opportunity in this fair community:

    Now you can pre-claim your ticket for €20 at our Startnext (http://www.startnext.de/en/Galacon) and pay the other €20 for the Basic Weekend Ticket at the Galacon itself.

    Continuing with small updates: Hereby we announce a live Q&A with the staff and our Guests of Honour on Saturday May 26th at 9 pm CEST (3 pm EDT). For links and details please check our Twitter at @gala_con or our new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GrandGallopingGala.

    Last but not least is our basic convention shirt made by our sponsor getDigital. For just €7.90 (incl. a max. international shipping of €10) you can be part of the biggest conspiracy of all conventions. What is the origin of the slogan? Where can I get the answer? Who ate the dessert? More questions you will find, while wearing this shirt: http://www.getdigital.de/products/Galacon/lng/en.

    With that we as the Galacon Staff wish a nice weekend, with pinkalicious party ponies and until next time,

    Galacon Staff

    Trotcon Updates

    TrotCon is pleased to bring to you HotDiggedyDemon! You know him for his twisted and often macabre cartoons, including the notorious PONY.MOV series. Stay out of Fluttershy's shed.
    (Note: We initially announced that HotDiggedyDemon would be bringing the R-Dash 5000 to our convention to kill all of us. This was erroneous, and we apologize for any confusion this might have caused.)

    We also present the intellectual brony scholar Foal Papers. If you're on Twitter, you almost certainly have run across his name, and even if not, you might recognize him from his mythology presentation. He will be giving an updated presentation this summer, making everyone in attendance at least 20% smarter.

    Starting this coming Thursday, May 24, TrotCon will be hosting weekly livestreams. Tune in at 10 PM EST and listen to us chat with our guests, draw, and have all manner of shenanigans. (No way, we're totally not copying BronyCon's format!) For this coming week, we'll have Argembarger on our stream, and we will be chatting about some of the things we have planned for the convention. Also, tune in and you'll get a chance to win ten free metal pony pins courtesy of PinFilly/DarklyCute!


    If you're not doing so already (and why aren't you?), you can follow us on your favorite social networks:


    Brony Fan Fair 2012 Pre-Registration Now Open

    Get your wallets ready, because pre-registration for Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Texas is NOW OPEN. Taking place at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown, Brony Fan Fair is set to occur on September 8-9th, 2012 for two days of pony-themed events! For $20, you get a nifty badge that not just acts as a keepsake, but also allows access to the following:
    • Our exhibitor room: the hub for BFF’s pony-related and non-pony related merchandise and wares!
    • Our Friday Night Gala: our pre-convention casual party! Come socialize with fellow bronies and make friends before the convention even starts! You can even partake in cake!
    • Sing-Alongs are Magic: We know everypony loves the songs that our favorite fillies sing in the show, so we’ve dedicated an hour of programming where you can sing your favorite MLP songs with your fellow Bronies.
    • Costume Contest: the BFF Costume Contest highlights the best costumes at the Fair! Come compete with other ponies and showcase your interpretation of your favorite pony!
    Prices will increase if you wait to register at the door! Register now for the very first Brony convention in the state of Texas! If you’re coming from out of the city, reserve a room now at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown!
    Check us out on our website at www.bronyfanfair.com and like our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/BronyFanFair