• Blast from the Past #2

    Hello everyone! Time for the second edition of Blast from the Past! Thank you all for the incredible feedback on our first edition, I had no idea it would prove as popular as it did. You suggested quite a few videos for me to look through so here's some of highlights! This will probably be a once or twice a week feature from now on.

    As always, you can send suggestions to me at [email protected]!

    First Video: For the New Lunar Republic - One of the first bits of fan music made by the popular iamnotacleverpony graced our pages back in April 2011, beginning a great trend of pony music that helped define the Summer 2011 Pony Drought.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Provides A Realistic Representation of Life In Ponyville

    Ready for another Chinese Earthquake? Almost a quarter of the emails I got from you all included this vid and I agree that it has left a mark on the early fandom. Created by MrYaridovich in February 2011, the video parodies the antics of people hilariously abusing the text-to-speech program in Moon Base Alpha and applies it to ponies. You can find the vid the one above parodies here.

    Pony Polka

     Ah, Pony Polka by FluttershyElsa! Not only was it a wonderful mashup of ponies and Weird Al back in April 2011 but it also gained the attention of Weird Al himself shortly thereafter. Afterwards came all the speculations on whether he'd make a cameo appearance on the show in season 2 and what role he would play. Good times.

    Corridor of Cupcakes

    From the creator of Night of Pony we received this wonderful piece back in March 2011. A wonderful use of Pinkie Pie combined with the awesome music of Chrono Trigger.

    Friendship Via Pony

    While this one is a newer video it turns out to be a medley of many past popular pony songs so if you'd like a small sample of a lot of pony songs at once check it out! The songs used in the medley pop up as annotations in the video so click those to go to the song you're interested in.

    Pinkie and the Brain

    The video above was suggested by Blog Pony Phoe as one of the first notable pony vids she remembers. Released in March 2011 by Jahkaivah, this video mashed together the intro of Pinkie and the Brain with both Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie to wonderful effect!

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