• Tara Strong's Upcoming Voice Actor Documantaries/Reports

    Tara Strong seems to be popping up everywhere lately!

    First off, VO Buzz Weekly has a special segment dedicated to her coming up on Sunday.  She did a quick shoutout for everyone in the announcement, along with some pony stuff since you all love ponies so much!  Check out the embed of that after the break, and camp out here for the actual upcoming show.

    And in other news, a new documentary going by the name of  "I know that voice" is planned for this Fall  As is the norm, Tara Strong will be one of the special guests  on it.  That can also be found after the break!

    And finally, it looks like the Twilightlicious shirt is still going strong.  With four days left, it's rockin out at a whopping 810 bucks.  100% of the proceeds go directly to charity, so if you are trying to lose weight, empty those pockets and head on over to the ebay page!  

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