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    I've been getting quite a few emails about the Taobao Derpy from a while back.  It has popped up on Ebay a few times.  After not having much luck asking directly, I decided to fire something off to their custom service line about it.  After their initial response saying the information was not readily available, they sent a followup confirming that it is not actually a Hasbro product.  While the toy does have the traditional My Little Pony imprint, it does appear to be a knockoff. 

    The exact response:
    Hi Shaun,

    Thank you for waiting for my response.

    The My Little Pony look-a-like in the link you provided is not a Hasbro product.

    Thank you.
    On a lighter note though, that thing is pretty awesome.  There is always a chance that this specific toy in itself isn't considered a "Hasbro product", while real ones are in production.  Only time will tell! I wouldn't mind an official Derpy. 

    You can find the full email transcript in image and text form after the break! 

     Response Via Email (Veronica)04/12/2012 03:30 PM
    Hi Shaun,

    Thank you for waiting for my response.

    The My Little Pony look-a-like in the link you provided is not a Hasbro product.

    Thank you.
     Response Via Email (Veronica)04/11/2012 02:17 PM
    Hi Shaun,

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. regarding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I appreciate your interest!

    I am sorry to advise that the information you have requested is not readily available.

    Your question has been shared with our team for assistance. Please be assured I will notify you once the information is available.

    I thank you, in advance, for your patience.
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     Customer By Web Form (Shaun Scotellaro)04/08/2012 08:46 PM
    A website called Taobao.com recently had Derpy Hooves toys for sale that looked surprisingly realistic.

    It looks like these have now migrated over to ebay:


    I am trying to determine if these toys are actually going to be legitimately released in the future. The sellers on Taobao tend to have items straight from the manufacturing plants, so many people are excited about them.

    Thanks for the answer!

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