• Nightly Roundup #283

    Now that Hurricane Fluttershy sort of showed the endless possibilities for wings, I expect more of this. 

    Have some nightly roundup shenanigans!

    Ponies Cell Style!

    A simple filter, but it does so much !

    John Enos Join the Herd

    That dude totally has a pony shirt.

    Derpy Likes Muffins or something

    Yeah I don't get it

    Finland News Reports on Pony

    Have the video here! It looks like it has subtitles too.

    Sailor moon? Interesting...

    Have a translation from Valvoja if subtitles aren't your thing:

    Plastic toy ponies were a great hit among children in the 80's. Ponies have now made a comeback through the 'Friendship is Magic' or "Ystävyyden taikaa' series. Kristian and Outi too began to like the series from the start."

    "TV and the internet put out all so much of that violence-trash and hatred and such, so it's nice that here's this colourful, fun series that focus on friendship and good values."

    "It's so cheerful and so lively, sweet series that it's so... it's funny and touching and it's just so good."

    "The pony series is followed on the internet. In addition pony fans, a.k.a. 'ponittajat (ponyers)' or 'bronies' arrange meetings, write on their own forum, run a pony radio, write pony stories, and pimp up pony figures."

    "I've painted these patterns on this myself, and then put on new hair.

    "A couple of hundred pony toys owning Outi is one of the few female bronies, since most of the pony fans are men."

    "This began on the internet's anonymous forums where the user base is heavily male-dominated, and since it began there and spread through there, it's understandable that the fan base is also pretty male-dominated."

    "I've tried to show this series to a couple of my girl friends, but they've been like 'this is pretty good, but I don't like it that much.'"

    "So you yourself are a minority in this group."

    *laughs* "Yeah, yeah. But in collecting toys I'm not a minority." *laughs*

    --Cuts back to the studio--

    "You belong to the target audience. Interested?"

    "I got an urge to neigh."

    "Well go ahead!"

    "Maybe some other time. That's the news. And the horses. And soon, the weather and the sports."

    "Good bye."

    German Television Alsok Does Pony!

    Seems like all the television stations are jumping on it! Check it out here!

    And Translation from Weatherhoof:

    Moderator (Markus Lanz): I would like to ask you about following: You are one of those Pirates who was responsible, that a legendary TV show was added to the Rules of Procedure of the Pirates.
    Pirate (Urbach): In Berlin, yes.
    Lanz: Which one?
    Urbach: My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
    Lanz: My Little Pony (pause) do you... watch it?
    Urbach: Sure.
    Lanz: When and why?
    Urbach: In the evening at home - thanks to YouTube - and why? Because it is beautiful. Simply because it is beautiful.
    Lanz: At home you can do what you want, but WHY is it in the RoP?
    Urbach: We added it, at the party conference near the [Berlin] election for the candidate list, and we were worried that [the situation] could escalate, and ... yes... My Little Pony is colorful, nice, friendly and it calms down.
    (Info box: Stephan Urbach: If our mood is aggressive, we watch an episode of "My Lttle Pony" to calm down)
    Lanz: So, Matthias [another TV moderator] fasten your seat belt, if the Pirates want to calm down, the watch following:

    [MLP Clip]

    Lanz: Cute <3 Urbach: I never heard it on German. Lanz: So, you brawl, and then some My Little Pony. Urbach: But on English, I never heard it on German - the dubbing shocks me. [[Editor's note: The theme song was made way before the dub was made - and none of the dubbing voices sings it]] Matthias: The pictures are also... Urbach: You see, in every episode the ponies are arguing, but by the end of the episode they learn, that only with teamwork they succeed. And we Pirates want to learn this. Fleischhauer (the mid-aged man): If Red-Green [[The pre-prevision German goverment until 2005]] also done this, Schroeder and Fischer would be still in charge, who knows. Lanz: If they watched My Little Pony? (laughs) I don't think so, they probably watch "The Blue Lagoon" or similar.


    Brony TV Fanfic Reading Night

    Copy Paste:

    Thursday night 7:00 PM EST Bronytv.net has another fan fic reading night! warning, may devolve into randomness and singing. more info here

    So You Think You're a Brony Season 2

    Copy Paste:
    "Today our guest is... Dakota? Wait... I can't be the gue... oh... oh he's a different Dakota? Oh! OOOOHHHH! Okay then. Well, we interview my possible doppelganger, BronyMike is dead so we replaced him with Deep Thought, we answer your questions once more and we give you the next audience question! Fun Times!"



    Successful Meetups

    Philippine Brony Con 2012 Coverage

    Someone from over in the Philippines sent this one over! Check out the full video here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Everquest Guild

    Server: Luclin-Stromm

    Ponychan Thread

    New Zealand Meetup


    Canadian Brony Group

    Copy Paste:
    I'm Sharky, co-owner of the United Brony Provinces of Canada Admin-only group.
    We have recently created the official cross-Canada group, which is run by the admins of the various provincial brony groups across the country. Unlike the admin-only group, this one is open to every and all Canadian bronies, and will be the number one place to learn about Canadian meetups, brony news, and even a potential Canadian Bronycon in the near future. We invite all bronies living in the great white north to join, from Newfoundland to BC. Also, any admins of provincial brony groups may request to join the admin-only group, where we discuss issues relating to our respective groups and help each other organize our events. Join us and spread the word!


    Bristol Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    Shopping for ponies followed by watching the season finale at a pre-booked venue with a large TV
    Noon - 8pm apx (venue booked for 5:30-7:30)
    Meeting Noon at Bristol Temple Meeds station look for the fluttershy flag
    More infomation on UK of Equestria
    Discussion and questions here.

    Hoosier Hooves Social

    Copy Paste:
    The Hoosier Hooves Brony Society would like to extend an open invitation to all interested parties to join us for the first annual Hoosier Hooves Social.
    The even will be held at Cool Creek Park on May 12th, starting at 1pm
    For more information, please check our Facebook group or our website here:

    Orange County Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    This is A Orange County Brony Meetup is a Parody of the Kony 2012 Cover The Night to promote the Royal Wedding
    we need as many bronies as possible to Promote the wedding and make this even more Over The Top



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Drawing
    Roseluck Plushie
    Dash Plush
    Fluttershy Doormat
    Rarity Plushie

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