• Music: Lavender - Twenty Percent Cooler // Winter Wrap Up [2012 Anorax Remix] // Thorinair - Sugarcube Corner //

    The devil and his had me down-
    in love with the dark side I fell.
    Dabbling all the way down-
    up to my neck, soon to drown.

    A regular music post this hour, with two remixes and an instrumental track. Winter Wrap Up, another remix of Twenty Percent Cooler, and a song for an upcoming game.

    1) 20 Percent Cooler (Ken Ashcorp) // Lavender Harmony feat. NightmareSnake / Cyril Lyric
    2) Winter Wrap Up [2012 Anorax Remix]
    3) Thorinair - Sugarcube Corner (Elegy of Disharmony Soundtrack)