• Discussion: The Most Important Friendship Lessons for Adults

    And as Lyra watched the portal to Humania close, a single tear trickled down her cheek. Her time there had been brief, but she knew it would change her life forever...

    Huh? Oh, hi there! Didn't see you come in. I was just... uh... you know what, it's not important. Welcome!  We recently came across this LA Weekly article going through the first two seasons of FiM and listing the top 5 friendship lessons by importance for adults to learn/relearn. It's pretty neat to get that kind of perspective, and our glorious blog overlord asked me to show it to you last night as late-breaking news. Now, I'm not saying I got lazy and fell asleep because this is a serious journalist organization and that kind of nonsense doesn't fly at Equestria Daily, but I really needed to finish my Lyra fanfic take care of something really important, so you're getting this now instead.

    This is a pretty well thought out article, but lessons in the magic of friendship are, as everything else, a matter of perspective. So what's yours? Tell us all about the lessons ponies have at least given you a refresher course on, the episodes that remind you of your friends, and the things that you have taken away from your viewings that have surprised or inspired you. Fillies and gentlecolts, friendship awaits!