• Los Angeles Times Festival of Books - Meghan McCarthy and Tara Strong

    Over in Los Angeles, the annual festival of books is coming up on April 21st to the 22nd.  It seems like every event has ponies at this point, because Meghan McCarthy and Tara Strong are signed on for a 1:00 PM School for Cinematic Arts panel.  Have some copy paste for details:
    “Read it and Weep” Episode of “My Little Pony:
    Friendship is Magic” presented by The Hub TV Network
    Q & A to follow with showrunner Meghan McCarthy and actor Tara Strong, voice of Twilight Sparkle, Interviewed by Dawn C. Chmielewski (Panel 2152)
    Located in the Broccoli Theater
    What better way to promote the written word than Read it and Weep? That episode has to have some form of subliminal message, because I ran straight to the nearest epic length Trixie fanfic and blew two hours right after watching it.

    Anyway, check the entire schedule for the event out here!

    Update: Sounds like the LA Brony group already snagged the tickets! Hope you guys can find some!