• Elements of Charity: Followup

    The Elements of Charity 24 hour fundraiser for Maddy Peters' 'Inked! Art for Africa' effort was a resounding success over this weekend! The goal of raising $5000 for the charity was easily surpassed for a total of $5053 in just that 24 hour period! Congratulations guys, I couldn't be more proud of you all.

    Many cool guests popped in over the course of the marathon (a hearty thanks to those who showed up to hear my terrible voice while I was interviewed) including some special thanks from the likes of Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, and Maddy Peters herself in the form of audio files for the audience!

    Once again, a big thanks to all of you that showed up in support of this event and especially to those that donated. You guys rock! Check out the official copy paste on the event after the break as well as for the audio files from our lovely VAs!

    The amazing 24-hour charity mare-a-thon organised by Inky Notebook of the Traveling Pony Museum to benefit Inked! Art for Africa, hosted by the wonderful bronies at Ponies Live Now and featuring interviewers from Everfree Radio and The Brony Show, has now drawn to a close! All charitable goals were met: The mare-a-thon not only pushed the charity program (organised by Scootaloo voice actress Maddy Peters) over its goal, but it also exceeded the mare-a-thon's own goal of $5,000 given!
    Inked! Art for Africa is now funded at over 107% of its goal, largely thanks to the generosity of the brony community.

     It was a full 24 hours of video gaming, chatting, general silliness, and lots and lots of interviews. Along the way, the hundreds of bronies who showed up in the stream received encouragement in audio from three of the amazing VAs from the show: Ms. Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy), Ms. Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash, Applejack), and 'Inked! Art for Africa' organiser Miss Madeline Peters (Scootaloo) herself. Have a listen to their messages of encouragement!
    In the end, the following pony groups and organisations showed up (most of them scheduled appearances, but a few as special surprise appearances):
    Interviewing this tremendous cavalcade of brony community members was quite a task! Interviewers included Crescendo, Final Draft, Nash, and Socksy of Everfree Radio, D-Pad of The Brony Show, Inky Notebook of The Traveling Pony Museum, and Robbob of Alligator in the Tub Productions. They did an amazing job dealing with such a large task and making it FUN!

    BIG THANKS and huge pony hugs to all of these Elements of Generosity from throughout the pony community, who donated to make this achievement possible:

    Aaron H, Andrew R, Anthony A, Antti H, Aren C, Bobby P, Brayden L, Brian E, Brian T, Calpain, Canterlot Gardens, Charles T, Cody H, Cody O, Constantin J, Cooper H, Daniel H, Daniel L, David F, David H, David R, Devon B, Douglas S, Eduard C, Foalpapers, Gabriel S, Geert S, Gregory G, Gregory L, Howard E, Ian M, Jakub S, Jamie M, Jason R, Jed, Jeffrey G, Jere P, Joeri S, John M, jonbon, Josef G, Joseph P, Joseph Rose, Karel H, Kat G, Katherine S, Keanan A, Kenneth C, Kristian F, Long N, Louis C, Martin G, Martin S, Matthew L, Matthew M, Matthew W, Michael B, Mohd B, mrdragon, Olli K, Paul A, Permal R, PurpleTinker, Quillypen, Reine S, Richard C, Rickard B, Robert E, Robert G, Rommel V, Sam D, Samuel D, Samuel F, Scott B, Scott F, Scott M, Steffen E, Stephen M, Steven B, Tanisha S, Tate C, Thomas F, Tim H, Tomi K, William M, Zachary L, Zack S.

    You are all AWESOME!