• Meghan McCarthy Panel at The NerdMelt in LA

    You LA people must be having a blast lately!  It looks like Meghan McCarthy is invading yet another panel.  At Nerdmelt, Meghan is signed up to do a writers panel along with a few other cartoon writers.  It looks like tickets are actually still available this time around, but considering how huge the fanbase is in California, you might want to grab them before they are gone.

    The actual panel takes place at 5:00 PM Pacific on May 6, 2012.  For more information on Nerdmelt overall, check out their website here!

    Thanks to Dr. WTF for the heads up! For once, he was the only one to send it. Slackers.

    Update: Apparently these pop up on itunes after a while too, so catch it there after! 

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