• Tumblr Spotlight: Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie

    We haven't had a spotlight in forever, so it's time to do one!  Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie is a tumblr hosted by UC77 over on Devaint Art, creator of a banner we had up week or two ago.  I personally have been following Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie for a while, but it just recently started updating more consistently.

    So what happens when you combine a completely chaotic pony like Pinkie Pie with DBZ level super powers?

    I think that about sums it up.

    There is a bit of cartoon style violence here, but nothing overly gruesome.  If you watched Dragon Ball back in the day, you have probably seen the extent of it. 

    Anyway, I'll stop blabbering! Head on over to this page and check it out for yourself!

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