• Story: This Nearly Was Mine (Update Complete!)


    Author: BillyColt
    Description: Stoic. Calm. Unflappable. And above all, Professional. These are attributes that the pianist Frederic Horseshoepin likes to pride himself on.
    But sometimes it's difficult to stay professional. Frederic finds it difficult to maintain a veneer of stoicism when he has to deal with his own feelings. What can he do when he's in love with a mare that he cannot hope to have?
    This Nearly Was Mine (New Part 4!)

    Alternate Links
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    Additional Tags: It's sad and it's sweet.


    1. Hmm. An Octavia shipping story NOT involving Scratch. I never understood that combo anyways...

    2. for a minute i thought it was referring to that one oc from Sweet and Elite, the one we thought was Billie from green day.


    3. Oh no, another one...

      Time for me to go hide under some rocks for a while.

      Inb4 Tom.

    4. @ travis
      Silly travis,Billy armstrong doesn't play piano...

    5. @Victory Star
      I know, i just saw the name Billy, it just passed through first. Heck i got an idea where he's a friend of Scratch and Octavia

    6. music + Frederic = Us running to listen to Chopin.

      We shall book mark to read. Hopefully one day we will actually take a day to read non stop. We really have a lot to read, pesky games.

    7. Love this story. Been chatting with the author about future developments, can't wait for them to bear fruit. :)

    8. Am I the only classical pianist/musician here who read this? Well, I gotta say, this is pretty darn close to something IRL to me.

      also, wtf is wrong with the piano keys in the picture @[email protected]

      It must have been modified for hooves or something, but it's just white key black key white key black key white key black key white key black key

    9. @Bombedrumbum
      I'm a musician, not a very talented one, but a musician nonetheless but I probably won't read it unless someone tells me its worth it. Looks good but I just don't know.

    10. I liked this a lot. It was fun to see a shipping from a different viewpoint, and in a different way. I do feel a little funny that I find myself rooting for Vinyl to keep Octavia, though.

      Only thing that I thought odd was that Vinyl was described as pale yellow. I thought she was white, but thats hardly an actual issue.

      I also wish that there was a little more to the Vinyl/Octavia dynamic, but that's just because I've gotten used to their fics. Hardly a downside to this one.

    11. I play the trumpet, but thats about as far as my music skills go... o.o

    12. I'm a guitarist and pretty good Harmonica player

    13. @travis
      Guitar? Sweet! Trav's got talent! Harmonica too! O,0 ...wish i could play something cool... -.-

    14. @Bomb

      You should already know I'm a classical musician. But will I read it? Probably not.

    15. I thought it was good when it came up on Ponychan for review. I'm a classical musician / composer and appreciated the jargon. Made one suggestion to improve the technical lingo a bit, but he didn't take the bit...

    16. Hello, author here, a few things:

      First, Vinyl is not white. Check the Comic-Con poster to see what I mean. I believe an animator confirmed that she's off-white/off-yellow. She simply appeared white in the episode "Suited for Success" because it was night.

      Second, I am myself a classically trained musician, mainly piano and voice. I'm still a student and my professional experience is extremely limited, but hopefully I got a few things right.

      Third, while concerti might be the proper academic term, we are dealing with dialogue in which two characters are carrying on a casual conversation. In that context, I think that it's more believable for someone to say concertos.

      Fourth, I did not submit this. To whoever took it upon themselves to email this in: While I am highly flattered, I will submit my stories myself when I believe they are ready.

    17. Been following this for a while from the author. Amazing fic and a really great for a non scratch/octavia centric shipfic.

    18. only read the authors note here and I got to say please make more! this story is fantastically told!

      The character Frederik is a fun read, I normally get bored of fics quite easily but this one is really well thought out and has plenty of character. I am guessing that others above have commented negatively about stuff but w/e ignore those!

      This honestly has been a very great read, like I actually sat through all 3 chapters in one sitting! This easily has some high caliber potential for a easy 5 star read. (there already imo, seriously people go try it out!) I can only see this getting better as things start to open up more.

      Sorry to hear your upset over being added without your consent up in EqD but I'm not gonna lie, I for one am gratful I got to read a story I would of other wised missed out on!

      5/5 Stars amazing presentation and we get to see more Frederik Pony xD (I keep thinking Eternal Sonata when you had him and Ritardando scene) I hope you keep working on this story I can wait to see how being alone with Vinyl will go off *shudder* well take care!

    19. I absolutely love this :D Can't wait to read more, so keep up the good work!

    20. "Additional tags: It's sad and it's sweet"

      And I knew it complete, when I wore a younger colt's clothes.

    21. Frederic needs some love. Great twist on the tired OctaviaxVinyl ship story. Quite well written, the best shipfic i've read in a while so far

    22. This is very well-written, and as a pianist myself I find myself relating to it a bit too... and moreover being a classicist it's great to see terminology I recognise and understand =) Shame Frederic is so under-recognised in the fandom.

    23. Great read, should try to expand the event lengths.

    24. YES! Was worried he had stopped writing this! *excitedly runs off to go read*

    25. Short and concise, but VERY strong and emotional. Excellent story.

    26. Comment system is changed back, but why?

    27. Is the "additional tag" a Billy Joel reference?(Piano Man)

    28. It was a very well written story but left me feeling very cold and alone at the end. Very little closure. I guess that was the point.

    29. @DashieBro

      It's not 'changed back' it's no posts prior to the change is going to be touched so we still get the classic, and imo, better looking blog style. If I could use the recent button in this old format and add the reply style from new as well we'd be set!

      But no nothing below the updated blog will be hauled over. We still have the same new Intense Debacle :P

    30. Fantastic ^^ loved the story. Nice 'bonus ending' there! As one who typically stays through the end credits of certain movies, I thought the 2 extra pages of blank nothingness was cute lol

      I sure hope this leads to a brand new adventure of self discovery for Frederic and Ritardando! I was worried you were throwing Ritardando out the story, sorta wondered if Frederic would end up following him but gave up on that the way he acted afterward.

      Glad you made the bonus ending it really opens up a chance to start some great character building fic for those two!

      I really can't wait for a Story 2 to pop up some time. I doubt someone would so easily abandon something so promising. If anything I hope others with enough vision at least and understanding of classical music can maybe do a take on the character themselves as well.

      We need to share more love for some other not so known background ponies! God look how long it took to get a Octavia fic!

      So, any plans to actually make a new series with Frederic and Ritardando's 'rise to fame' exploits? Those two seem so comical together!

      P.S. I know you normally stick to FimFic but really loved the story and thanks for making one of those after credit bonus ending moments to really tie it together with a nice open end.

      Some don't like it I guess but come on it's just the start of a bigger adventure as far as I see it and guys like Frederic really needs to get out more! I should know, I had to go through a world of hurt before I was able to move on and push for something real. Sure, I tit a road block but at least I crossed the finish line, no medal but I crossed it!

      *hugs* take care and thanks for the chapter! I thought you gave up on it completely! I hope you continue writing! (no reason one can't have a hobby and still have a life that doesn't revolve around it)

    31. Oh dear, I feel a sudden urge to drink whiskey and listen to depressing music.
      Why must you make me feel?
      It's too late at night to be this sad! XD

      Very beautiful story, in its own way.
      I liked the development of Freddy, and now I feel really bad for him.

    32. Very well written, sir! Emotions played out perfectly, and very good characterization of Frederic. Made me feel like I could really relate to the guy (yeah I totally know that feel bro).

      This calls for a sequel! Freddy deserves some closure! Actually I'm not counting on that, I'm just looking forward to more work from you. Keep it up! :D

    33. A spinoff of the Vinyl Scratch tapes? Interesting.

    34. @Zerfyyx Yeah, Vinyl and Octavia would make more sense as enemys.

    35. I need to read this... even though shipping and fanfiction isn't usually my thing, I feel that this one calls to me in some way.


    36. There will be a story 2. I know it.

    37. And I knew it complete, when I wore a younger man's clothes.

    38. The ending made me stab random objects. But all in all it was a good story poor Frederick...I know that feel bro

    39. No! This can't be the end! I want more of this story! CONTINUE THIS!