• John De Lancie Returning to Friendship is Magic?

    A few weeks back at the Toronto Comic Con, John De Lancie popped up on a panel to answer a few questions from the audience.  Someone jokingly asked him if he would continue voicing for animation, and his response is... interesting to say the least:
    "I've actually done another my little pony, which is coming out". 
    Whether this is a nod to an upcoming discord episode, or an entirely different character remains to be seen.   I'm not too sure what else they could pull off with Discord, but I definitely won't complain if he makes a comeback!

    A quick note: This is the third time we have received something about Discord returning to Friendship is Magic, but the only one that actually has reasonable evidence to back it up.  The first one was actually over on MLP Arena.  You can find the thread here.

    For this specific one though, hit this link up, or check it out after the break!