• Story: Dauntless (Update Part 7!)

    [Crossover][Adventure][Sad][Light Shipping] The Last Airbender crossover time! We really need that second season thing...

    Author: The Cabbage Merchant
    Description: Growing up in the Fire Nation, Nocturne has tried her hardest to learn how to firebend. Both of her siblings have grasped it incredibly well, leaving her in the dust. While she may never be able to bend fire, the discovery of her true talent will test her bonds with her family and friends, and may change the world forever.
    Dauntless Chapter 1
    Dauntless Chapter 2
    Dauntless Chapter 3
    Dauntless Chapter 4
    Dauntless Chapter 5
    Dauntless Chapter 6
    Dauntless Chapter 7 (New!)

    Additional Tags: The Last Airbender, Family Problems, Prejudice, Hidden Talent, Pre-Great War

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