• Dragon Quest - Episode Followup

    Poor Spike. You'll probably get wings soon. Even Rarity has gotten wings.

    Time for an episode followup! I haven't gotten the chance to do one of these in a while, so I hope you're ready for complete lack of out-of-context screenshots, bad jokes, and funny captions. Because ponies is super serious business.[1]

    On with the followup!

    [1] Spoilers: I'm lying.

    Time for some world-building! Up until this point in the show we've only seen one or two dragons in isolation, and we didn't really have any other ideas or hints as to how they fit into Equestria as a universe. While this episode doesn't answer every question, or even come close to it, it certainly gives us some nice tidbits to chew on. All in all, I feel as if it focused more on Spike than the dragons as a whole, which is exactly what it should have done.

    Wait, hold on, I'm forgetting something...

    Oh, yeah.

    Out of context screenshots!

    Yeah, sorry, I had to d-

    Okay, one more.

    And then, because of Rarity, everypony died.

    Seriously, these dragons mean business! If the mane six had to dig that trench just to get a good look at them, I'd be pretty concerned that they were basically flying over Ponyville with it unguarded and very much not fireproof.

    For such a short scene, this really was rather touching. I'm sure this exact exchange between Twilight and Spike has been explored by our own writers, but I give major props to the team for putting it in.

    Even though Spike really shouldn't have been surprised that Twilight offered to research something.

    Girl does that stuff in her spare time. For fun.

    That sandwich looks really delicious.

    How many characters have we seen Rarity randomly hang out with this season and the last? I'm just saying, it's sort of odd. Maybe they're all afraid to ask for pink dresses with others around.

    Because, as we know, Rainbow Dash always dre- /arrow to the knee

    Best costume/disguise ever.

    And then there's these dragons. I don't really have a lot to say about them, to be honest. I have as much to say about them as I had to say about the bro-ponies from Sonic Rainboom. They're obnoxious and exist solely to advance the plot and give some conflict- which is fine, but it doesn't make for big descriptions about their character traits:
    • Loud.
    • Obnoxious.
    • Derogatory,  shallow, and convenient.

    Congratulations, Twilight- you're the new Rainbow Dash.

    Today we also learned how fireproof dragon scales are. That is, they're very, very fireproof. Do you understand how hot magma is? It's like at least a trillion degrees. I may have made that number up.

    I... um, okay.

    Today we also learned that Phoenixes are freakin' awesome. How awesome are we talking about? maybe I'm exaggerating on the awesome scale a little bit. Let me elaborate:




    And then Spike got a pet, too. Did anyone catch his name? I forgot and it's really late. The point is that Phoenixes lay really cool eggs and their babies are badass.

    And now, the requisite community stuff. Have a good day, ponies.

    ... and some Phoenix analysis by someone:

    While I was watching I couldn't help but notice how phoenixes were more clarified in this episode.
    1. They aren't necessarily rare, they live in the wild and can easily survive (though that should be easy when you're a magic fire bird.)

    2. Where ever they live, it isn't anywhere near Ponyville, or Canterlot judging from how far spike traveled. However, you have to take into account that Twilight was able to teleport them all back with a little difficulty. I would put them having traveled just barely outside of Equestria, or at least near the border. This is completely my blind guess, has I don't go on large trips often and have no idea about the size of Equestria if it is even counted has a nation. For all we know, it could be an entire continent.

    3.Because they seem to live so far away, then can not be rare but still not be known about by Fluttershy. I doubt she would decide to go in the same direction has the dragon migration, I don't even see her liking to travel.

    4. Phoenixes are natural born trolls.

    5. They have an overpowered area of effect blind.

    6. Eggs are buried in ash inside the nest, not sure if this is to fit with the mythology or if it's just natural keeping the egg warm.