• Discussion: Pony Presidential Elections!

    You have considered them candidates for best pony, but what about their role as political leaders!? Who would run the best country if thrust into a position of power?

    Would it be Twilight Sparkle with her brains before brawn ideals, sending her own fledgling nation into a future of science and progress?

    Or perhaps Applejack would be better suited, with her honest nature and impeccable work ethic?

    Maybe Pinkie Pie could keep everyone's morale way up there with constant balloon-filled town hall meetings (and free cake.)

    But who could forget the coolest El Presidente of all, Rainbow Dash, with a country founded on the idea that her presence alone makes everything better? 

    We also have Fluttershy.  You may find her hiding behind the desk in her oval office the majority of the time, but the girl will stand up for what she believes in if backed into a corner!

    And finally, Rarity, with borderline OCD and an eye for the extravagant, this pony would do everything in her power to make Equestria the perfect utopia.  The taxes may be high, but living on the street would be like living in a marble clad mansion!

    So which pony would make the best political candidate in your eyes?   I'll toss a poll on the side bar! Try to vote with more than just your best pony/recent episode star/waifu in mind!

    And thanks to Kieth for the images! 

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