• Nightly Roundup #259

    This Celestia is just straight up awesome.

    Have some news!

    Also, we have a new banner for those that noticed. UC77 recently joined the league of banner creators with this awesome Dragon Ball Z banner.  Check out his DA page here!

    And of course, the Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie Tumblr that needs to update more so I can spotlight it!

    Mari0 Portal game adds Sonic Rainboom, Rainbow Dash hat

    The mario/portal crossover game, Mari0, has included a few easter eggs for all the pony lovers out there.  Apparently the plumber has learned a few tricks from everyones favorite weather wiz, with sonic rainbooms and a rainbow hair hat.

    Check the video out below for a demonstration!


    Steelhooves is probably a pretty weird tasting cake, but it looks cool anyway!

    The happiest cake ever?

    Rainbow Dash Invades Mugen 2D Fighting Game Engine

    Yeesh, it's always Rainbow Dash! Where is my Twilight Sparkle?

    Anyway, this guy is looking for feedback on his new Mugen Rainbow Dash mod. Check the video out below and leave some critique!

    Ridiculous Dancing Meme Invading Youtube

    I suppose it was inevitable. We have been getting flooded with these all day. Apparently it's pretty huge over there!

    Also old spice.

    Late Derpy Muffin Making Stuff! 

    Muffin making time,  Check it out here.

    Character Supercut

    Want to see all of each ponies speaking lines in no time at all?! Check the video out here!


    BronyComms Episode 9

    BronyFM Episode 3


    Friendship is Magic Chess Set Creation: Black Rooks and Hydra



    Successful Meetups

    Selesian Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The long-running tradition of Silesian Ponymeets continued on March 3rd, when we assembled once again in Katowice. The attendance rate was higher than expected, with many a fresh face in the crowd. After a little art contest (the two categories being “adventure ponies” and “sports ponies”), it was time to obtain some merchandise! It’s a good time to be a brony in Poland, as the third wave of blindbags just started popping up in stores and McDonalds is offering warped pony toys, so soon the tables were littered with fresh purchases. We didn’t remain seated for long, though – our “nomadic” nature kicked in soon enough, and we took over a local playground. Some highlights include one of the attendees claiming the slide for Trixie (to a heated negative response from the rest of the folks gathered) and the meet coordinator putting on some mad swag moves like a true mafia don, sporting plastic My Little Pony ring bling. Obviously, there was more to the meet, but the only way to truly comprehend it is to show up – we’ll welcome you with arms wide open, and then make you show the Orange Family during a game of charades.

    Newmarket Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    We've just finished our latest successful MeetUp! An average amount of people showed up, but it was still a great success! Unfortunately I needed to leave about halfway thruogh (so I don't know how the MeetUp ended), but while I was there everybrony seemed to be having a blast (because of me, of course - lol)!

    Additionally, our "Winter Wrap Up" is coming soon, and we hope to have as many bronies in the area attend as possible, so...yeah (here, have a link).



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Scottish Brony Meetup


    Irish Meetup


    (Chicago) Bronies Of UIC Meetup

    Place: Halsted Blue Line Stop

    Time: To be announced

    Google Group: HERE

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Chubby
    Fluttershy and Angel Plushie
    Big Mac Custom
    Gilda Plushie
    Pinkie Blanket