• 150,000,000 Great and Powerful Hits!

    With the return of our Great and Powerful overlord (or at least the confirmation that she wasn't eaten by timberwolves), the 150,000,000 celebration sort of got pushed to the back of the line!  She stole the spotlight once again!

    This last 50 million was ridiculously fast though.  I honestly didn't even realize we were close until a few days ago.  Considering EQD really doesn't cover the entire brony spectrum, it is incredibly impressive to see how much the entire community has grown.  I don't think any other fandom has ever created so much buzz, and with such an odd primary subject matter too!   A lot of you have been asking for our Google Analytics unique IP charts, so have one! That is just the last four months right there.   It's madness I say!

    Good vibes, man~  Source
    This site in itself is a bit different than your average blog.  Hopefully our goofyness keeps you all entertained.  The EQD staffers and I usually joke around about how serious business pony is becoming.  In the end though, this is a fandom about colorful cartoon horses and an awesome world to play with.  We want to keep it fun, not become the CNN/Reuters/(insert global news agency) of ponies.  If something needs to be strict and rigid, we roll with it; but for the most part, lighthearted and flexible just gives better vibes!

    Anyway, onward to 200 million and beyond!

    Obligatory video submission from someone on Youtube of it after the break!