• Equestria Daily Now Accepting All Pony Gens

    A certain company has kindly requested that we start posting older generation pony stuff, or else.  Apparently their axe wielding diamond dog lawyers will only stay leashed if at least 3000 So Soft Rainbow Dash's and 10,000 overstocked g3.5 toys (Found above) are sold within the next three days.   Because of this, we will be indoctrinating you all into the old stuff. 

    It's really not so bad! Rainbow Dash might not be the daredevil narcissist we all love in alternate universe ponyville, but she does wear really nice hats.   Just look at that thing! Rarity would hire a hitpony just for a chance at stealing it, and she is the element of generosity for Celestia sake!

    And don't forget Applejack.  Shes so silly! It's really cute actually!  Who wouldn't want to draw pictures of her knocking over fences and falling on her ass?  This is comedy gold right here!

    I think with a bit of love and tolerance, we can come to accept our new g1-3.5 overlords.  Look, even Twilight Sparkle joined the new herd!