• Nightly Artist Livestreams: Tsitra / Toxic Mario / Tetrapony (Offline)

    It's time for another night of livestreaming!   I think three at a time is a good amount, so I'm opening two more slots up to other artists who want to join in. Right now we have Tsitra finishing up his Daring-Do for the first group of people to join!

    If you would like to join tonight, and have a livestream channel set up and ready to go, toss an email to [email protected], and I will add the first two.    Include the best example piece of art to attract some visitors!

    If we don't get anyone, then just enjoy Tsitra's Stream!

    (UPDATE: Added Tetrapony and Toxic Mario again! Dudes are fast!)  

    Also added a bonus, Tsyolin (AJ the Engineer) Creating music! 

    Feel free to keep emailing though, I'll put you in queue for the next one!


    Deviant Art Page

    TetraPony (Taking OC pony Requests!)


    Toxic Mario

    Deviant Art

    Bonus: Tsyolin (AJ The Engineer) Music Creation Livestream

    Click for Music Example
    Youtube Channel

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