• Everfree Northwest Announces: Convention Book Design Contest

    Hi there, pony fans! The folks over at Everfree Northwest (that's that super awesome brony convention shaping up in Seattle this August) asked me to bring you a little message about a contest their putting on to get some designs for their convention book. I'm happy to oblige, so if that's all you're interested, go ahead and check below the break to hear the official statement straight from the horse's mouth.

    But if you're interested in attending, you should know that all double rooms for Thursday, August 16th, are rented out. If you're still making plans and they include that day, you're going to need to settle for a single. Convention news is best news, don't you think? And now without further ado, have yourselves a page break.

    How would YOU like to design the cover for Everfree Northwest's convention book? We're announcing an official contest to give you just that chance!

    Starting right now, we're accepting submissions of art for a wrap around, one-piece cover at at 16" by 11 & 1/2". Since we're Seattle based, we want the cover to display the theme of "Ponies in Seattle". In addition, since we're a Convention, it goes without saying that we want our logo (linked below) to be incorporated as well. Other than that, feel free to be creative! And YES, Official Characters are allowed to be included! (So. Awesome.)

    If you wish to submit an image, please email your file (in JPG or PNG format) to [email protected] with CON BOOK and your name in the Subject Line.

    Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST) on June 30th, 2012.

    After this date, a judging committee will narrow the submissions down to ten (10) entries, and then our attendees will vote for their favorite on our forums. The winning picture will not only be on our convention book's cover, but will earn its creator a gift certificate to WeLoveFine.com. The entry with the second most votes will also win a WeLoveFine.com gift certificate.

    For all the details (or to get all the guidelines in one place), check out the official rules below!

    Official Rules:

    1) All artwork must be drawn by the artist submitting the piece, and it must be original fan art.

    2) The artist, upon submission, is giving the convention Everfree Northwest permission to use the artwork, if chosen, for the cover of their convention book or for any other promotional use they choose.

    3) All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST) June 30th, 2012. Any submissions after this date are invalid and ineligible to take part in this contest.

    4) All winners will be notified and announced publicly by July 31st, 2012.

    5) If the voted winning image is unable to be used for any reason, the next highest voted image will be used instead.

    6) Submissions are to be emailed to [email protected] , in JPG or PNG format, with CON BOOK and your name in the email Subject Line.

    7) The dimensions of the submitted image must 16" by 11 & 1/2", formatted for the front and back of a one piece book cover. The image must be between 300-600 DPI. All submissions must follow the theme of "Ponies in Seattle" and must include the logo linked below in some form.


    8) A submission MAY include Official Characters of the MLP franchise.

    9) As a family friendly convention, we will not be accepting any submissions using elements that would be above a PG rating.

    Bonus news! Everfree East is totally going to be a thing. The lid's shut pretty tight, but stay tuned for information regarding that soon. How exciting!

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