• (Ended Up Fake)

    I'll keep this here for fun anyway.  He got a whole pile of admins across the ponynets with this one.

    Back to postin!  

    Also Jayson: 

    Ed Rosario from the team behind FiM is currently over on Ponychan answering questions (Finally confirmed by the moderators, slackers!). 

    Obviously he can't leak anything, but he did confirm that season three has more than thirteen episodes.  Up until now, we haven't really been 100% sure. 

    The exact quote/question combo:
    Question: Okay just two more things:
    -Do you know if there will be a Scootaloo episode this Season?

    -I heard that there are only 13 episodes in the next season, can you confirm this, and if so do you know why? 

    Ed's Answer: there will.

    not true, we are still working on S3. thats all i will say.
    So there you have it!   I asked for permission to link to the actual thread (It has been going on for about an hour now),  and he seemed cool with it.  You can find the post here!  Obviously the ponychan moderators will not tolerate boundless amounts of ridiculous questions, so either spectate, or make sure your queries are interesting!

    After the Break: (Note, all of this is now confirmed fake)
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