• Trixie Turns You Into a Pony... Equestrian Mock War

    Every four years, The Great Griffon Empire and Equestria play out a massive mock war with various non-lethal weapons (Water balloons, pies, ect) to celebrate seven centuries of peace.

    Unfortunately, the lack of fighting in the griffon nation has created a huge boom in population, and the ponies need more troops to really relive the epic battles of old.

    Grand Archwizard Trixie has come up with a solution: summon random sapient creatures from other dimensions and transform them into ponies! What could possibly go wrong? It is HER idea after all, and Trixie is infallible. 

    She is allowing you to choose a specific role for the war games:

    Unicorn: The long range artillery and strategists of the battlefield. Unicorns are adept at all sorts of magic, be it supporting your fellow troops with deflection magic or attacking the enemy with (Non-lethal) telekenetic projectiles from afar.

    Pegasus:  Ruling the skies, the pegusai are the primary scouts of the Equestrian military. They also play the role of assassins, summoning waves of fog that allows them to delve deep into enemy territory, where the griffon leaders are easy targets of their trusty suction cup arrows and plastic throwing knives.

    Earth Pony:  What they lack in magic and aerial ability, they make up for in pure endurance. Earth ponies  hold the front line against the griffon armada,  and work as the primary siege force.  They also have groups that hang outside the battle to supply all of the combatants with food and nutrients to keep going.

    So, what type of pony do you choose?

    Update: Added a poll! 

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