• Nightly Roundup #206

    Books! Books everywhere!

    Have some news while I go read books. 

    PK got an EQD OC pony

    PK bribed me with a 3D Trixie, so now he has an OC pony.  It doesn't even have obnoxious colors like mine.  I'm almost disappointed.

    Find his bio below:

    Pre-reader/Author Page

    Yay~ Lasershy

    Glorious lasershy. He has a bunch more on his facebook page!

    Pony Hair Guide #2!

    So you want to fix your pony hair do you?! Hit up the guide above!

    Or check out the Pinkie Pie specific onehere.

    Epic Derpy Cake

    Honestly this might be better off in a Custom Pony compilation!

    Rainbow Dash Cake

    It's so smooth. Some day I am going to master cake crafting.

    Equestria Radio

    Have some copy paste:

    Equestria Radio's brand new live show, The Weekly Rotorcast with DJ Rotorhead will be having it's second live episode this Saturday at 8:00pm eastern standard time (5:00pm PST). Tune in for discussion on the newest episode of MLP, community stuff, live and requested music blocks, news, live chats, insane rambling, and more! Since the Rotorcast is just starting out, the format of the show is still being shaped, so be sure to tune in and voice your suggestions to help make the show into something everypony will enjoy! Also remember to join in the IRC chat on the "Chat" page on the website. Thank you everypony and we hope to be seeing you on saturday evening!

    Successful Meetups

    Utah Meetup

    No state is safe!

    Copy Paste:
    This is the second un-official meet-up of the Utah Bronies group. We originally met at the Jordan Landing Target at around 2 p.m. and continued from there. Many members got lost and confused getting there, but when everyone had finally arrived, we had 22 members in total show. Some had to leave early, and are included in the gallery. After we had a full head count, we went to the Wal-Mart. With our merch shopping out of the way (in total, four blankets, three brushables, and a pack of magic cards was purchased, set is unknown) we got a private room at San Sauce and had an early dinner. We also celebrated our 250th group member at the party. Fun fact: If a group exceeds 250 people, the chat shuts down. Which is why Utah Bronies is now setting up an IRC. On topic: We all ate, played magic, did pony things, then a small group continued to a member's house. We watched ponies (S2E4, S1E25, and S2E5) before watching Friendship is Witchcraft (all 4 eps). Some merchandise was traded and videos recorded. We all had a great time and think that it was a New Year's Eve well spent. Yes this happened five days ago, we just suck at punctuality.

    Group Site

    Malaysian Meetup

    No group shot this time, they do have a gallery though!

    And a writeup.

    Colorado Meetup

    The gallery link they sent me isn't working, but have a video instead!

    And one more.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Just a small heads up on meetups: Please include a location/date/ect in email. It helps everyone!

    Dutch Meetup

    When: 4th of February


    Seattle Meetup

    I was going to jack the image for drawfriend today. Hipster ponies ftw.

    Date: Sunday


    Austin Meetup


    SWTOR Pony Guild

    New Lunar Republic, Republic side on the server Kinrath Spider
    Contact: Baxiepie

    Australian Facebook Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Trixie STOLE IT ALL

    And then gave a Gilda plushie back! 

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