• Story Updates January 12 (Evening)

    Just a short list today! Three total to be exact.  Have some story updates.

    Story: Frigid Winds and Burning Hearts (Update Part 10!)

    [Normal] Prince Blueblood slipped up again! Apparently it's pretty awesome too, since it hit 6 stars.

    Author: Grey Prophet
    Description: A heated confrontation with Celestia over her portrayal as Nightmare Moon and her sister's authoritarianism leads Luna to search for answers about the past, unwittingly tangling Twilight and her friends into a cosmic struggle between order and chaos that ultimately inspires only more questions. Set one year after the first two episodes.
    Frigid Winds and Burning Hearts

    Story: The Steadfast Sky (Update Part 6+7+8!)

    [Adventure][Friendshipping] Remember when stories used to have witty blog author or pre-reader quotes to go along with them? Yeah, me neither.

    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: Celestia, Luna, and Discord grow into their godhood by unearthing the Elements of Harmony and using them to fight an evil tyrant ruling over Equestria. But there are some demons the team’s friendship cannot overcome.
    The Steadfast Sky

    Story: The First Prince (Update Part 5!)

    [Grimdark] [Adventure] There was some confusion on links with this one, so I'm reposting it. Sorry guys!

    Author: Chaucer345
    Description: Prince Blueblood the 23rd learns how his family was formed as Princess Celestia tells him the story of his line's unlikely founder.
    The First Prince


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