• Story: The Three Hooves (Update Sequel Part 4!)

    [Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy] [Crossover] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: Paleo Prints
    Description: 'John Smith' has settled in Ponyville with his wife and two daughters for many peaceful years. When the TARDIS gets a temporal distress call, Doctor Whooves and his family find themselves lost in time. Now Derpy must contend with not only monsters and maniacs, but future and past versions of her own husband!

    The Three Hooves

    Doctor Whooves and the House of Daring (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Time Travel, Aliens, An Awful Lot of Running, Family Drama, Allons-y!


    1. One of these was bound to show up sooner or later.

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    3. As a Doctor Who fan, this looks interesting, although I still don't get why most DW crossover fics have Derpy as the Doctor's wife or assistant. Also, that description reminds me of one of the episodes, even though it's only vaguely similar :P

    4. *reads fic*
      This has the potential to be really good, and really, really depressing. I like it.

    5. And I was right! This is a wonderful start! Can't wait to see how you write the other two doctors, though your Tennant writing seems spot on.

      Also, somehow, you might want to explain how they don't remember what happened. They are the same person after all.

      If I recall, in one of the multi-doctor specials, one of them purposefully erased his memory of that event so he could experience it again. Just a suggestion to add a bit of realism.

      Can't wait to see what you do with Smith doctor not having Derpy around.

      Also, couple notes I saw:

      "He’s been waiting years to hear her say that, hasn’t her?"
      - Should be "hasn't he"

      "Dinky’s husband raised an eyebrow."
      - Should be "Derpy's (or Ditzy's) husband"

      Anyhoof, this is a great start! I truly hope that you can delivier and will be watching for updates with great interest!

    6. Awesome
      It had some noticable errors here and there but nothing too distracting.
      I dont think Ive read a Doctor fic that included sparkler as well so I thought that was neat. Cant wait for more

    7. Whooves family goes to a family trip! It was a promising first chapter, looking out for next.

      You've mixed Dinky and Ditzy names once or twice.

    8. I was prepared to dislike this as just another Whooves fic among the masses and masses of Whooves fics, but this one is fresh, original and fun. Bravo good sir.

    9. As a sci-fi nerd, no kind of fan work makes me happier than a well done Doctor Whoof fic. I feel that this is one of them. Not quite Traveller or Mines of Dragon Mountain just yet, but I can see it in the writing style; the potential is definitely there. Especially since is the first fic I've seen that does a Whoof take on Eleventh, who is actually my favourite doctor. I can tell I'm going to get really into this one.

    10. I spotted a Hitchhiker's Guide reference! Anyone else see it?

    11. Never thought I'd see a Pertwee Doctor Pony. :D

    12. This has some serious potential! I'm going to keep an eye on it.

      Also, Third Doctor? Woot!

    13. Enjoying it so far. I look forward to future (past?) chapters.

    14. @Multiversity I did. Miss Prefect. :P

      This was awesome, and I hope the rest of the fic stays high-quality. Looking forward to more.

    15. @Remy

      Ponies vanishing, a village of ponies that may not be ponies killing other ponies, 3 Doctors, the past-present-future of Equestria erased, and daisies.

      What more could a story need! :D

    16. “Let me tell you, monsters across the length and breadth of the universe are afraid of these eyes. The biggest and nastiest ran in fear. That was back when I was alone. Now I’ve got my family with me to think about. Just try to imagine what I’m capable of doing."
      And this is exactly why this story is so awesome! Your portrayal of Whooves/Doo/Smith family is very close to my headcanon and this fact only amplified my enjoyment from second chapter. And combining them with two other Doctors has tripled the fun.

      The revelation and cliffhanger at the end make the waiting for chapter 3 even more difficult.

      Also, I hope you have something in mind for other Doctors' companions, because for now their presence feels unnecessary.

    17. @Shantara

      I'm hoping to have the girls all play off each other in the next two chapters, giving them some time to distinguish themselves. I do see Ditzy as the main female lead, with the other being supporting characters meant to highlight aspects of her life.

      I'll give them a shot, though. After all, Lyra in School Daze was supposed to be a walk-on but I couldn't stop writing her.

      I'm finishing the last chapter of School Daze, then I'll be polishing off chapter 3. It's already a nice way in, and I just have to construct a few scene bridges. Wait until you get a load of THIS cliffhanger...

    18. I'm very surprised this fic receives so little attention. IMO it's easily the best Doctor & family story I've read.

      Keep up good work!

    19. I remember this! I watched for a while, but forgot about it because it wasn't updated for so long. But now it's back!

    20. This work needs more love! Definitely one to read.

    21. Great ending to a brilliant story! I'll try to keep this comment spoiler-free as much as I can.

      Dinky shows whose daughter she is. Simply amazing!

      Fluttershy's coup. I see what you did there. :)

      Gala scene. So sweet and sad at the same time. I had tears in my eyes when I read about it. Just like after the revelation of who does the statue in the opening belong to. ;_;

      Savory. I though that her advice to Dinky was suspiciously familiar. :)

      Ditzy whispering directions to TARDIS to Doctor to let him have his victorious moment made me smile. It shows how good do they compliment each other and how do they understand each other. Both as battle couple, and as a husband and wife.

      I hope you would write a sequel some day. Cannot have enough of Doctor and his family.

      There was a couple of minor errors in this chapter:
      "Ditzy and Dinky" in the scene with Top Hat - should be "Ditzy and Sparkler"
      "fillyplaced" - two words
      "I remember as a young filly" - should be "colt"
      Not necessary an error, but did you really mean to use "fiancée" or was it "fiancé"? It certainly makes things more interesting, don't change it. :)

    22. I've been rereading this chapter. Dinky, Pip and Sweetie... How did I manage to miss them the first time?

    23. "Not necessary an error, but did you really mean to use "fiancée" or was it "fiancé"? It certainly makes things more interesting, don't change it. :)"

      Wow. That use of spellcheck slipped past me completely. You know what? I'm leaving it. :D

    24. Those are some odd tags to be seen together.

    25. @Starfall Is Fimfiction having issues again, or is my firewall just being stupid?

    26. I love stories about Whooves and Derpy and the girls, but that sad tag worries me. Oh well, time to buck up and read!