• The Brony Show Episode 47 - Farewell Hypermark

    Yep, that time of the week yet again! Copy paste below as always!

    The Brony Show 47 - Farewell Hypermark

    Yes, it's another great and incredible episode of The Brony Show coming at you hotter than a box of Trixie plushes to the doorstep of Equestria Daily. Sadly there is no interview this episode as we bid a (hopefully temporary) farewell to Hypermark. We're counting down to our 50th 1 year anniversary episode and starting with a bitter sweet show. We'll be showing all the incredible farewell art and videos made to commemorate this incredible brony that has stuck with the show for almost an entire year and give him his greatest moment on the pedestal of Bronydom.

    Along with that we will be discussing the upcoming final episode of the season, and talking about different things that you can do to keep yourself chin deep in ponies for a few months until the next season starts. Bring along your ideas as well, as we'll be asking for suggestions and ideas from our incredible chatroom to really fill up the list!

    After that we'll take some time to enjoy Episode 23 of Season 2: Ponyville Confidential. Enjoy our live commentary as our insane CMC run around town to get the latest scoop. Too bad we get all the good news before they do. Then after that we'll be enjoying the latest in art, video, and music from the community, as well as favorites of our co-host Hypermark. Surely it will be a tear-jerk of a show. The show starts at 6PM PST- 9PM EST over at www.livestream.com/thebronyshow. We also have a fun little preshow to get your warmed up, that will be starting an hour early at 5PM PST - 8PM EST also over at www.livestream.com/thebronyshow. And finally after the show CrimsontheWolf will gather his band of merry partygoers, and the Oatmeal Galore After Party will start to make sure that those of you hungry for more will get your fill! Hope you check it out!"