• Sweet and Elite - Episode Followup

    I see Salvador Dali did actually make an appearance in the show! They may not be melty clocks, but I'm pretty sure this jhas something to do with a certain famous painting anyhow. 

    (Sneaky Jayson!)

    It's the day after a new episode, and you know what that means: recap time.  I may not hit every reference/meme, but I'll try to hit the majority of them! Check it all out after the break.

    First off, we have some background/guest appearances of some of the older season one ponies. 

    Photo Finish for one.  I didn't think we'd ever see her again, but she actually popped up twice.

    Along with Hoity Toity and Sapphire Shores.  It seems like every Rarity episode introduces a new fashion pony. You can also find everyones favorite wall eyed mailmare in the image above.  I'll let you dig for that.

    And of course, we can't forget the re-appearance of Octavia.  I'm sure she has a name like RANDOM_MUSICIAN_PONY_canter001, but at least we got to see her again!

    One of the pre-readers actually sent an E-mail to William Anderson (The FiM Background Music guy) and came out with this:

    i am not sure how accurate the visuals are, i thought it was two violins, cellist and harp.

    i believe that's how i wrote it as well, violin I, violin II, cello and harp. i think i arranged a mozart string quartet for this instrumentation?

    i just get the picture and score it!


    So, Octavia is a Cellist! The age old debate is over.

    We also have a few new additions to the team.

    I like Fancy Pants.  Hes rich, but doesn't act like the rest of the Canterlot snobbery.  This dude is a bro in my book.  

    And we can't forget about his wife/girlfriend/ornament.  Whether you want to call her Fleur-de-lis,or Prize Gem, I'm really hoping we see more in the future, preferably as this:


    FiM needs a con artist pony!

    And another one that seems to be popping up everywhere.  I'm just waiting for the brother/sibling of Scratch fics to pop up.

    Now on to the mane cast!

    Yah, this is awesome.  Once again Pinkie Pie goes from obnoxious to best pony in 10 seconds flat. I'm sure we will see a Welovefine shirt in the next few days based around this one. 

    But as always, she was quickly trumped by Twilight Sparkle's socially awkward nerdyness.

    Just keep dancin Twi, it's expected at this point.

    Also have some Karaoke of the new song! That was fast. (Also one with subtitles!)

    And we can't  end an episode post without some ridiculousness:

    That wraps up this week's episode followup post! This was definitely a solid one. I'm looking forward to the endless remixes and Rarity PMV's that will inevitably flood my mailbox.