• Story: Screwball Mio Amore (Links fixed!)

    [Shipping][Comedy] This is actually a sequel to this, so go hit that up first!

    Author: Warren Hutch
    Description: Button Stitch has learned to let her hair down and live a little in an effort to control her chaos spawned alter ego. But when she tries to learn how to love a little, after being asked on a date by the owner of Ponyville's premiere stationary and lounge furniture emporium, will the resulting inner turmoil cause Screwball to rear its swirly head again? Please enjoy a tale concerning the obvious answer to that question.
    Screwball Mio Amore Part 1
    Screwball Mio Amore Part 2
    Screwball Mio Amore Part 3
    Screwball Mio Amore Part 4

    Additional Tags: Sequel, Humdinger, Bizarre, Abstract Rampage, Nerd Ponies In Love

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