• Story Updates December 18th (Morning)

    Just two stories tonight. Before the Sun Rises and Papa Pie can be found after the break!

    Story: Before the Sun Rises (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Pen Scratch
    Description: There was, long ago, a time prior to the unification by the dual monarchs, Luna and Celestia; the sun rose of its own accord, the clouds were free to roam the skies at the whims of none but the gods, and isolated communities sought stability in a time of relative chaos. An earth pony could live her whole life without seeing a pegasus or a unicorn, seeking only to exist within the boundaries of home. Most did this. Some did not.
    Before the Sun Rises


    Story: Papa Pie (Update Part 3!)

    [Normal][Sad][Comedy][Random] That's a lot of tags! And a lot of characters!

    Author: Tenure
    Description: During the course of her day, Twilight learns that Pinkie Pie's father is coming to visit her and she's throwing a party to celebrate! However, he's bringing a bit more than anypony bargained for... a confession about Pinkie's past that may change the way the pink party pony sees her beloved Papa for the rest of her days.
    Papa Pie


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