• Hearth's Warming Eve - Episode Followup

    I know I say this every time, but this was the best episode ever. In reality though it's probably going straight in my top five list somewhere- the voice acting was spot-on the entire time, the whole episode was engaging and genuinely charming, and holy crap I could have been struck dead after seeing Rarity in that royal cape and been totally okay with it.


    Oh yeah, the follow-up.

    I'd like to make a note about the episode as a whole- if you remember the iOS app that I reviewed a few months ago, the story put forth in this episode was basically the exact same one in the app. I'm kind of glad I didn't reveal the entire story in my review now.

    That said, there has been some confusion about Luna and Celestia's role in the creation story. If you'll notice, the flag erected at the end doesn't feature them anyway. I'd guess they come later. Debate is always welcome, though!

    Now, some silly stuff:

    Seriously, check this thing out. She looks good in anything.

    Pinkie was brilliant this whole episode.

    Do I even need to caption this?

    I was hoping that we might get to see more of these beings. Oh well- they served their purpose.

    More draconicus' in that painting thing. 

    Derpy, of course! She was much easier to find this time around, and I like to think she was waving at all of us. Hi, Derpy! Yes, we see you. Yes, you're adorable.

    Someone thought that Fluttershy's shouting at the beginning of the episode was quite cute, so they looped it for ten minutes. I'm totally okay with this.

    And last but not least, a music pony has created an arrangement for the national anthem that everypony sang at the end of the episode. Find it above!