• Nightly Roundup #189

    I challenged myself to do a roundup, then publish it, in 20 minutes.  I barely made it.  Ignore the typos while I go back and fix stuff!

    And have some ACTION TRIXIE to show my face after that, get owned roundup folder!


    Apparently the New Zealand brony group created this one!

    Another Crossword!

    Good luck!

    Michelle Creber Christmas Carol Takedown Explained

    A few days ago, I posted up Michelle Creber's (Applebloom's VA) youtube shoutout. Apparently it still needs to be approved by Hasbro, so for now it has been taken down. You guys don't need to freak out anymore!


    You can't cut this cake, it needs to be framed and put up on a wall.

    Turnabout Storm: Fluttershy Testimony Preview

    A few weeks ago I posted part one of the new Turnabout Storm, Phoenix Wright crossover project. I'd highly suggest you go check that out if you haven't already.

    For those that gave it a shot, check out the new Fluttershy preview below!

    Total Biscuit Explains SOPA

    See, this is why he is so popular over there on Youtube! He makes it simple! For those not following the SOPA/Protect IP stuff, I highly suggest checking out the video below. YOUR E-LIVES DEPEND ON IT.

    Bass Cover Pony Guy

    Another new musician is on the scene, this time focusing on the bass aspect of MLP music. For those out there that also follow the same path, it's a pretty interesting one! Check out his Youtube channel here.

    Applejack Invades the Pentagon

    Silly Applejack, there aren't any apples to buck there!

    Apparently this guy hit up the Pentagon's mock-up press podium at the security checkpoint. We can dream though can't we?

    Full explanation here!

    FiM in Australia

    Apparently Boomerang is airing FiM at 8:00 AM and again at 8:00 PM. Assuming they can catch up, I guess you guys might be able to watch it with us on your actual big screens each week after all!

    Legend of Celestia Team Looking for More!

    The team behind the new game, Legend of Celestia, is looking for a few new people to help get building. If you fill the roll of either:

    Sound Effects
    Level Design

    Hit their website up here!

    Successful Meetups

    Philippines Meetup

    That is a badass flag right there.

    London Meetup

    47 total at this one! Have some copy paste:
    After starting at Trafalgar Square with Loitering, Chit-chat and group photos, all 47 Bronies went to invade the world-famous Hamley's Toy Store, for their collection of My Little Pony merchandise, on the final Saturday before the Christmas Weekend. Thanks to the surprising success of this meeting, another meeting is being planned in February (to be confirmed).

    Lincoln, NE Meetup

    Looks like a smaller one, but they totally played Friendship is Witchcraft, so that makes up for it.

    Central California Meetup

    Apparently 20 of them hit this one up! And invaded Target. Gotta raid a toystore!

    More Pictures/Facebook Page

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds/Communities Looking for More

    Nurachu Synchtube Room

    PMV's, Episodes, Unboxings, Reviews, and various other things!


    French Roleplay Forum


    Minecraft Server

    For those looking for another Minecraft hangout, hit up the link below for more info!



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Surprise Custom
    Cortana Custom
    Fluttershy Bust

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here