• Story Updates December 22nd (Evening)

    Looks like The Vinyl Scratch Tapes is back in business with a season 2! I bet you guys didn't expect that!

    Have some story updates. 

    Story: The Book of Friendship (Update Chapter 17!)

    [Grimdark] [Crossover] [Comedy] How in the world do you expect me to find an image for this?

    Author: BillyColt
    Description: Twilight Sparkle sent many letters to Princess Celestia detailing what she learned about the magic of friendship. These letters, along with many other writings, were collected into a book. The "Book of Friendship," as it was called, contained many teachings of love and tolerance, sharing and caring.

    And an organization based around this book sprang up, called the Fraternity of the Joyous Friends of Princess Celestia. And whenever a Brother (or Sister) comes of age, it is their task to spread the word of the magic of friendship across Equestria and beyond.

    This is the story of Brother White and Brother Scroll, two young stallions who have been tasked with spreading the word to Earthquake Island. Unfortunately, Earthquake Island is not particularly interested in party games.
    The Book of Friendship


    Story: The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone (Episode 5, Minisode 5)

    [Adventure][Shipping] Have some conversion bureau. The same rule as Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons still applies; this is a one time deal.  Other Conversion Bureau fics can be found in the newly updated compilation!

    Author: Anonsi
    Description: A few years after the Conversion Bureaus opened up, the Western Territories of the USA are nearly vacant. It is once more a

    frontier, ripe for exploration and settlement. On bequest of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle is to experience the human world by joining a family of Pony

    Settlers on their journey out West. It's Dangerous to go alone however, so in an act of good will, the US government is sending someone to make sure no

    harm befalls the ponies.
    The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone

    Story: The Vinyl Scratch Tapes (Update Season 2 Episode 1!)


    Author: Corey W. Williams
    Description: After the invention of radio, DJ-P0n3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) holds the first Equestrian talk show with her co-host Octavia. Octavia quickly finds out her superior is slightly eccentric, leading their broadcast to be constantly derailed, yet somehow remain popular. These episodes were recorded for historical significance and transcribed. These are the Vinyl Scratch Tapes.
    The Vinyl Scratch Tapes


    Story: The Cold Hand of Mercy (Update Part 5!)


    Author: Staeg Masque
    Description: Death has come for Fluttershy—and is giving her an offer she can’t refuse. Fluttershy will have to learn how to cope with what comes after life, and the real meaning of Kindness.
    The Cold Hand of Mercy

    Story: The Colour You Bleed (Update Chapter 13!) 

    5 Star

    [Adventure][Slightly Grimdark]

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: Caught in the middle of a struggle between Equestria and a neighboring country, Blueblood finds himself alone in unfriendly territory. Through trials and hardships he finds himself under the wing of a veteran soldier, and the arrogant, spoiled stallion begins a slow metamorphosis into the prince his country needs.
    The Colour You Bleed

    Story: a (Update Part 2!)


    Author: otsihtes
    Description: a

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