• Story Updates November 15th (Morning)

    The nightly roundup has been re-scheduled to tomorrow night! Have some story updates instead.

    Story: Happily Ever After (Update Part 3!) 

    5 Star



    Author: Vanner
    Description: When Lyra Proposes to Bon-Bon, Pinkie's zealous promotion of the
    noble wedding of the century attracts some unexpected and unwanted
    attention. Can Pinkie and her party ponies pull off the biggest
    wedding Ponyville's ever seen to give the two most deserving ponies a
    happily ever after?
    Happily Ever After

    Story: CRISIS: Equestria (Update Part 8!) 

    5 Star

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: GanonFLCL / Assisted by The Living Couch
    Description: Twilight Sparkle and her friends find themselves in another universe, and their very being there threatens to tear their own world apart. They must find their way home, with the help of some new-found friends. But their quest is not without its obstacles, and this new world is ready to test their courage and their strength to their fullest...
    CRISIS: Equestria

    Story: New Neighbors (Update Chapter 7+8!) 

    4 Star

    [Normal] It's OC ponies, so have something unrelated.

    Author: Multiversity
    Description: Three new ponies from three different walks of life move to a town we're all so familiar with. One is cynical, one is frighteningly calm and quiet, and one is utterly mad. Let's see what we can do about that, eh? All the while, the shadows writhe behind them...
    New Neighbors

    Story: It Takes a Village (Update Chapter 6!) 

    5 Star

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Author: determamfidd
    Description: Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help...
    It Takes a Village


    Story: Beyond Judgment (Update Part 2!) 

    5 Star

    [Adventure][Slightly Grimdark]

    Author: Solar Phoenix
    Description: While studying advanced magic techniques, Twilight stumbles upon a powerful spell that nopony has ever conceived. What will it cost her to possess this power, and what will it cost her friends?
    Beyond Judgement

    Story: My Little Alicorn (Update Part 7!)

    [Normal] [Random]

    Author: InsertAuthorHere
    Description: At long last, Luna has found the perfect prank to outdo Celestia: turn her into a filly and stage a fake takeover of Equestria! That is, it would have been perfect were it not for that pesky fine print..
    My Little Alicorn

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