• More Blind Bags + TRIXIE!

    That's right, The Great and Powerful Trixie has a blindbag... kind of.  It's a recolored Rarity with Trixie's purple eyes and Cutie Mark.  Oh well... Almost there Hasbro.  

    Anyway, a bunch of new blindbag ponies have popped up on Taobao.  Anon on Ponychan actually has a list for identification purposes, so credit goes to her/him.  Check that out below:

    Ponies who are background ponies (10):
    >Purple Rarity, purple eyes - 3 blue diamonds "Sparkler"
    >Aqua peg, orange eyes - two yellow lightning bolts "Firefly"
    >Blue AJ, purple eyes - two linked horseshoes(blue/gold) "Linky/Cormana"?
    >Black boy, blue eyes - three blue stars "Ice"
    >Neon green peg, pink eyes - three flowers/gears/suns "Flora"
    >Orange boy, blue eyes - three horseshoes "Caramel"
    >Blue Twi, blue eyes - hourglass "Colgate"
    >Neon green Pinkie, green eyes - one pie "Ruby Rhubarb"
    >Blue Rarity, purple eyes - magic wand with moon "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE"
    >Neon pink AJ, green eyes - two green grape clusters

    Ponies who are new/unidentified (4):
    >Neon yellow Twi, blue eyes - blue lightbulbs
    >Neon yellow boy, blue eyes - peach/orange (wrong eye color for Uncle Orange
    >Neon pink Pinkie, blue eyes - caramel apples/honey pots/cupcakes?
    >Blue boy, orange eyes - two white treble clefs
    >Light blue Twi, blue eyes - three dark blue(indigo?) stars (might be Twilight's mom)

    Hit up the Taobao page for more. 

    NOTE: These are not actually keychains, they are being added by the person selling them. How they are acquiring them? I have no clue.  Ninja power or something.

    Have some celebration.