• Morning Roundup #157

    I dunno what happened to Seth last night, but I was awoken by a huge storm this morning, so I figured I'd make myself useful and do a slightly late roundup from yesterday's news before I go to class.

    So let's get started. It's pretty short!

    Successful Pony Panel Picture From FAN:dom Con's Second Year

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun! From the email:
    FAN:dom Con at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida just finished its second year this weekend, and there was a My Little Pony panel among many others. It was easily one of the most crowded panels at the convention; people were standing and sitting on the floor, and happily! We watched the new Cutie Pox episode, some discussion in the breaks, and then shared a few of the more popular PMVs. Snapped a picture before everyone left; got everyone to say "Trixie is Best Pony" for the shot.

    Pony Projects Update

    Wanna join in and ponify your favorite Christmas carol? Or want to make one from scratch? This project is for you.

    Pony Named Cordovan Splotch Bakes a Thing Called The Zecora Trifle

    I can bake, kind of. If I have a recipe. This guy just goes all out, though. Have one embed to whet your appetite, and links to parts two and three.

    MLP Article in Simon Fraser University Newspaper

    MetalBeerSolid's friend saw this article in his university's local newspaper, and he scanned and created a high-res PDF. It's okay, but the best pony list is all wrong. Rarity is nowhere to be seen, and therefore it is incorrect.

    Have a link.

    Pony Swag Prime - Casting Call

    Confound this community for making me even listen to rap.

    Groups / Meetups / Guilds Looking For More

    City of Heroes

    Faction: Hero
    Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
    Contact: Glittering Dusk (guild leader; global chat handle @Chakat Streak), Professor Lunar (officer; global chat handle @Lady Bloodhunt)

    Faction: Villain
    Guild Name: Shadowbolts
    Contact: Mare Lune (guild leader; global chat handle @Chakat Streak), Doc Surprise (officer; global chat handle @Lady Bloodhunt)

    Chapel Hill High My Little Pony Club

    Facebook Page

    Oklahoma City Brony Group


    Taylors University Canterlot Campus Brony Group

    Event Link (facebook)

    Everfree Radio Episode 3

    Click for the podcast link!
    EverFree Radio Episode 3: Plus des Marques de Cutie

    Hello Ponyvillians, we've got another episode release for you all! Don't worry, you'll only be catching Awesome from this episode, and who needs a cure for that? This one is a special two-parter with a super special guest for a super special episode. Now, we start you off with the review of Episode 6: The Cutie Pox. Debate, discussion and mispronunciation abound! Afterwards, we have an exclusive interview with Andrew J. Talon, the author of Progress (Woona!) and various other writings (and blasphemies). Be sure to tell us just how awesome our new introduction and credits are, as well! Enjoy and stay tuned because next week we've got a very special guest. The sheer amount of awesome will punch you in the face, and you'll slip into blissful awesome-induced unconsciousness.

    Operation: Pony Bus for FUN

    So apparently there's this event called Desert Bus for Hope, which is a charity event run by the folks at Loading Ready Run. The premise is simple; you give them your money, and you get to control the activities that they do to pass the time, while at the same time, someone plays the The Desert Bus game from Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors. All the money donated goes to Child's Play, which gives toys and games to children in hospitals.

    This operation is aimed at making them do pony things! Sounds legit to me.

    Have a link to the event organization page at The Escapist.

    Video Teaser for "DC Nation" Block Features Faust-designed Alicorn?

    Possibly a clip from Faust's new show, Super Best Friends Forever? You be the judge!

    The clip in question is about 46 seconds in.

    Desktop Pony Icon Set

    Wallpapers not enough? Pocket ponies on your monitor not enough? Desktop ponies IN your monitor not enough? Well, have a bunch of pony icons!

    Click it!

    Looking for Singing Talent for BroNYcon January

    Have some copypaste from the organizer:

    Hi Everypony! Haybuck again, looking for some singers for BroNYcon. We've gotten some interest, however there are still a lot of spots open, and I promised Purple Tinker that I'd get back to her by the end of the month! So, just for a refresher (and for those of you who didn't catch the first one), here's the deal! I'm running an ode to Daniel Ingram at BroNYcon January, and I need some singers who sound like the mane cast, as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders! We're going to be going through the entirety of the Season 1 Soundtrack. Have any of your friends ever said you sound like one of the ponies in the show? Are you going to that fantastic fantastic convention? E-Mail me at [email protected], and audition! Right now, I've received auditions for Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy; however don't be shy about sending in auditions for those spots too!

    Male? Deep voice? No problem! I'm looking for backup singers for our finale, "At the Gala" as well! So send in the emails Bronies! You know you want to help me show just how much Daniel Ingram means to this community!


    We're All Blobs

    Click for Source

    What is this I don't even.

    Merch Section

    Christmas Ornaments
    Custom My Little Pony Fluttershy Stained Glass Christmas/Holiday Ornament
    Lyra and Bon-Bon Plushies
    Rarity Plushie
    Giant Applejack Plushie
    Rainbow Dash Figurine

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